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Patriot Fire
Mexican Federal police orchestra and Mariachi band performed at Southwestern college in Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego. This was the third and final stop of a goodwill tour along the border region, called Building Stronger Border Communities. They played on both sides of the border in the areas of McAllen, Tucson and San Diego. This event took place on September 1, 2016.

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Francisco Montero
I don't understand. How could our musicians accepted to go to the land of the free. They invaded. Mexico. Killed every one and steal more than half of our territory. And after that. They don't even accept that they wouldn't be nothing without Mexico. And still. They hate us and kill us. The land of the free. Nuke. Country of the world. I would be assamed to be American.
Francisco Montero
I studied four years in military schools in USA. And I also have traveled all around the world since I was I child. From the 40 countries I know. I. Will. Choose. Never to go back to USA. Because is full of hate. Envy. Pain. Blood. Wooow. I will be asamed to be American Poor Rich country.
Rowwdy Colt
Pandering fools.
Cultural enrichment!
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Mariachi de la Policía Federal deleita Mexican Federal Police Orchestra 6 months ago   03:00

El propósito del Mariachi de la Policía Federal es el de fortalecer los vínculos de confianza que la policía ha establecido con los ciudadanos. 13 julio de 2016

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