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Jeff Taylor
It is the job of an out-going Prime Minister to recommend to the Monarch who should be appointed as the next PM, but only if they can command a majority in the House of Commons.


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If the Evening Standard is correct in its assessment of the situation, the UK could be headed for an imminent General Election.

According to its editorial the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill, has told Theresa May that, as the out-going PM, her final job would be to recommend to the Queen who she should appoint into Number Ten, it doesn't just happen.

And that person, says the Evening Standard, "...must be the person who can command a majority in the House of Commons".

As the piece points out, in normal times the winner of a general election or of an internal party leadership contest would be the obvious choice.

But at present we have a hung parliament that relies on a £1 billion two year confidence and supply arrangement with the DUP that is now expiring.

And we also have some Tory MPs that could well vote against their own government, if the new PM pursued a no-deal Brexit, with too few on the other side, if any, that would be prepared to prop up a Tory government.

And given that both the remaining candidates have said they could end up taking the UK out of the EU without a deal, that puts the surety of any majority in doubt.

"What all this shows," Says the Evening Standard, "is that the new leader of the Conservative Party is unlikely to have a majority for his central policy come the autumn, and may not have a majority this July full stop."

It could well fall on Theresa May to recommend to the Queen that she asks Jeremy Corbyn to try and put a majority together and, if he can't, then we are in general election territory.

So, while Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are knocking lumps out of each other, the keys to Number Ten may be slipping from both their grasp.

Now, the latest poll from YouGov on Westminster voting intentions puts The Brexit Party still in the lead with 23%, the Lib Dems now only two points behind on 21% and the Tories and Labour in joint third with 20% apiece. The Greens are next with 9%.

As you can see from the graph, the potential of ending up with no single party being able to command a majority is an emerging reality.

Who would end up with the most seat? Jeremy Corbyn? Nigel Farage? Or the winner of either the Tory or Lib Dem leadership races.

It would all depend on how these averages played out across the constituencies and also if certain parties made the sacrifice of standing down in certain seats.

If a general election begins to look more likely as the Tory leadership contest continues, we may well see serious inter party horse trading start, together with policy shifts to adopt a more pro or anti-Brexit stance.

And I bet you thought this mess just couldn't get any worse - and all because our politicians steadfastly refuse to deliver a proper Brexit!





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Jeff Taylor

My Youtube Community Page:

FACEBOOK: @JeffTaylorBrexit

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Bob Marshall
Can the Queen dissolve Parliament and call a general election in the UK?
Paul Clothier
It's easy. Brexit party fields candidates in Labour- voting Leave areas and Conservatives stand down. In Conservative- voting Leave areas, Brexit party stands down. In marginal seats, Brexit stands down, and in Labour Remain areas, just don't even bother. After the election, Brexit party makes coalition with Conservatives and DUP, giving a reasonable majority. Brexit party and Conservatives must not split the vote; let the shitty Lib Dems and Labour do that.
well if it pans out like that the £ will be toast, i think we could easily end up with a LibDem majority but a Labour government propped up by the SNP on a second referendum deal
Don't trust polls, everyone uses mobile phones. Actually being registered to vote and then voting Brexit party on election day is the only way UK will ever leave the EU.
mark hughes
Blimey Jeff, that's what you call a video nasty...
Pamela Dale
All our MPs and Lords have turned this country into a laughing stock so if there was a general election and the Brexit party won oh my! what interesting conversations could take place as to who partners with them unless of course they had the majority needed parliament would need first aid to get over the shock but for us Brexiteers it would be the turning point in getting out of the EU and putting right all the damage done by the 2 party state especially over the last 3 years.
Ken Gill
I was joking but anything's possible she might pick Merkel
Ken Gill
She d most prob pick corbin
gary symons
Brexiteers should not use the term no deal, because technically there is a deal, that is on WTO terms , no deal sounds too negative and confusing for a general election , a WTO BREXIT solves all the problems saves 39 billion , and the backstop disappears.
Pantelis Lazarou
Politicians anyone can became a great politician if you can do 3 things Lie Promise everything And Deliver nothing, that's the requirement you need 😊
Steve Muscato
May was a crook when she bribed the DUP to support her (using my taxes to save her party's skin). This is our country's' greatest crisis since WW2, we need a government of national unity, none of the extremists, left or right (no Farage no Corbin). Yes we've got to leave the EU as a slim minority of those that voted says so (not a majority of the voters) , no-one voted to leave without a deal as that wasn't on the table. The Brexiteers told us a deal would be sooo simple, but they were talking bollocks . So let whoever is the next Prime Minister fail, as they will, then a vote of no confidence and then a cross party alliance of moderates. We don't need that lying narcicist Johhnson fantacising himself as Churchill.
Alex Jerry
Proper Brexit ? The proper Brexit is the EU to reform and UK remain....
Alex Jerry
If a general election than Tony Blair may be the PM again. Best politician you have...
Paul Wood
As I have said for thirty years. Self serving liars who should be made accountable and exposed for what they are.
Ian Rivers
Theresa May would ruin her standing yet further if she recommended Jeremy Corbyn to become the next PM. It's going to be Boris, for better or for worse. Should a dozen embittered remainiac Conservatives vote with the Opposition on a confidence motion, they would be booted out of the party and hand picked replacements would stand at the oncoming General Election in their places. Neither Labour or Conservatives would get a majority, but convention dictates that the incumbent PM, Boris Johnson, gets first opportunity to form a majority coalition in Parliament, even if Labour had more seats than them, but still short of a majority. If the numbers were there for a Con/Brexit coalition, then it'll be PM Boris and Deputy PM Farage. Interesting! If not, then it falls to Corbyn to put a majority together. A rainbow coalition ( no blue) of Lab/Lib Dems/ Scot Nats/ Greens and independents. It wouldn't last long, maybe a year then back to the polls....
John Atkinson
Yes please.the quicker FARAGE takes over the better!
Anthony Clegg
This pathetic excuse for a government does what it wants.
Does anyone have any confidence in the clowns of Westminster looking after our nation in a no-deal scenario? We have had a visit from the US President who is just itching to get stuck into trade deals here, and also wants to have a big slice of the NHS. This is the President who is going around the world bullying and threatening all and sundry to get the best for America. Canada, Mexico, China, Iran and many others feel his wrath, so would he treat us any differently. I very much doubt it, and most importantly, we have no one of any stature to take him on. I also include Farage who is under Trumps spell.
I voted for Brexit, but, like everyone else, have had my eyes opened by the 'great and good' exposed at the Westminster circus.
If there is no clear Prime Minister for May to recommend, then she should call another Referendum, not a General election, with three questions for the people to answer. Do you want a No-Deal, the EU Withdrawal Agreement, or Remain? And take it from there!
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Geoffrey Boycott Delivers Passionate Are You Ready For A General Election?! 1 day ago   08:36

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Geoffrey Boycott gives a passionate statement about Brexit claiming the UK can come out on top without a deal. The former cricketer also speaks about the ICC World Cup and reveals he still believes England can win it despite losing to Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Broadcast on: 24/06/19
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