USB-C iPhones! Future iOS 13 Features Asking Apple for Directions to Samsung 2 days ago   10:20

Has Apple leaked USB-C on 2019 iPhones? Future iOS 13 features confirmed, foldable iPhone patent, under-display cameras now possible & more Apple leaks & news!

Last iPhone 11 leaks.

Top iOS 13 features.

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I have crush on him ugh
Lewisgaming14YT3 :D
The Ifold 😂
Anwar Kamal
Shame on you, u r praising a USB-C charger as an innovation in 2019, u defeat monkey .. ur charm is gone you are rhyming on a dead body .. Shame on Apple shame on Everything apple pro who is repeatedly trumpeting the same worn out drum time and again
Mrinal Shyam Ramesh S
In previous year, Apple had patented in-display camera.
I also read an article stating that Apple will be making the display transparent where the camera is placed. And similar way the oppo had accomplished.

These patents are being copied by the other techies and they come out before Apple does. Apple tries to provide the best whereas the others try to compete and steal ideas of others. Apple was the change for displays. Then within an year others made a good outcome but even though the ideas of pop up and rotatable cameras where it can be seen in older nokia phones. Apple makes the idea others steal it. That's my thought.
Cornelius Claudius
You guys think this iPhone 11 it’s going to be even better from huawei p30 pro don’t think so remember you didn’t release p30 mate and they will double everything in that phone iPhone is dead last nothing new every year small improvements and is coming from a guy you head iPhone 3GS all the way from iPhone 7 so it’s getting bored huawei phone has the best camera today number one camera is huawei p30 pro by the time iPhone has 10x zoom huawei it’s going to jump to 15× or even 20x this company is going all out no small improvements like iPhone
Roblox Guest Cool
I wan to get a new iPad so ppl can stop using my charger and also because I have an old iPad mini 2 that battery life is bad but still useful but I want to get a new iPad so maybe I could get it
Ferdinand S
maybe making the ipad not bend would be a good idea
Robert Barber
Then apple claims they invented usb-c
Afia Kazmi
9:53 I felt that😣😂
Shubham Raut
Please tall me New iphone 11 comming date??
Maggie M
What are you talkin’ about?? My iPhone X is usb-c!
Need Break
It will support both lightning and usb C in one Port.
Aaron Nash
Any iPhones after the iPhone 8 I don't like because of the home button has been removed and without one it has a feel of an android phone
Thanks for the 50 adverts sent my way whilst trying to watch this one video
Brian Boiton
I have a iPhone XS but fuck main apple is always late.
Shamar Coke
New charger on the way
Gus TV
Omg mAh means nothing when it comes to battery life...
Victor videos
That camera is do do asf
NoEditing Raw-blog
USB-C still a big dream for Apple fanatics until 2020??? WOW it will be the first to have it!!!! Congrats Apple fanboy! Others are already sleeping again while you are still dreaming????LOL!!!!
Im waiting for September iPhone to come out
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Asking Apple for Directions to Samsung USB-C iPhones! Future iOS 13 Features 2 days ago   08:56

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