Thirst Trap: H20 Fails (March Instant Karma - Instant Justice 2 days ago   06:01

Ahoy landlubbers! We have some of the best fails off the land! From slide fails to belly flops, we have it all!
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Don't forget to hydrate!
Not gonna lie, the girl on the thumbnail is pretty nice( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Karla Williams
0:22 Aang?
Stan Keebals
That screeching of skin on a dry fiberglass pool slide makes my teeth feel like they want to jump out of my mouth.
*HoLy BeEpUs*
Rifet Okic
2:25 Sir Bronn of the fucking Blackwater ?
IncogNito NitoIncog
4:55 this is gold 😂
jeff data
these are just white people
Allison Fraser
Gunther Wolfgang
when u watch 10 failarmy videos and see at least 1 fail 10 times......
Facundo Lopes Camarano
que pelotudez lo de las remeras
My question is why do you keep reusing the same videos over and over again. Can’t you find any more content or is this just a dead or dying channel? Cause I can’t tell
Ayang RaAc
3:30 what the heck
Matthew Brough
Fat people on slides, so funny :D
Dee M
The kid at 2:55 is literally how my shit comes out
Phoenix YT124
5:46 i would love that... In fact, actually i would love her.. Wait.. Im already in love with her... But she doesn't like me. Well, i guess i suck.
I think i have seen this before
Diego C
4years ago after school i allways watched failarmy but now it death
Ariel Jones
1:36 Damn, is his nipples still attached? lol
The real fail is the title.
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Instant Karma - Instant Justice Thirst Trap: H20 Fails (March 2 days ago   10:12

Check out our new instant karma instant justice fails compilation with stupid people. Our compilations are filled with ultimate and epic fails, stupid fails, pranks gone wrong, people getting owned, bloopers, accidents, stupid girl fails, animal fails, funny moments,bully fail, instant karma, karma fails, street fight, road rage and more!
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