Homo Evolutis: Juan Enriquez Ethics in the age of technology | Juan Enriquez 2 days ago   19:46

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Juan Enriquez is an experienced business leader, author, and academic who is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the economic and political impacts of life sciences. He is a Managing Director in Excel Venture Management, a venture capital firm that invests in companies that apply transformative life science technologies to solve problems in healthcare and beyond.

He was the founding director of Harvard Business School's Life Sciences Project. He then founded Biotechonomy LLC, a life sciences research and investment firm, where he remains as Chairman and CEO. In July of 2005, he co-founded Synthetic Genomics, Inc., a synthetic biology company focused on developing and commercializing genomic-driven solutions to address global energy, medicine, clean water, and food challenges. He has been an active investor in early-stage private companies in the biotechnology and information sciences sectors. He earned a BA and MBA from Harvard, with Honors.

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Pretty Prudent
John Austin
Bwahahahaha evolutis sit u love! thanks!
John Austin
Oh I get it like morghelions disease
Mr Fuckamug
This was in 2012 ....... good day to live in 2018
John Patrick
You canNOT invent a theory of adaptation to a medical device/foreign object Implant left in the human body. Inflammation is inevitable when a foreign object is inserted into an organ. This is why the process of blood infection sets in. You people have been watching too much StarWars and StarTrek.
This is real life. There are too many people as it is in America that are suffering from infection reactions to medical devices(foreign objects left in their bodies). You are forcing the hands of your neanderthal Congress Representatives hands with lots of money to allow American citizens to be used as your guinea pigs.
You want your homo Evolutious to evolve....use your own genius hybrid children as guinea pigs and stop adding citizens to your already high list of Washington Classified Experiments.
Sam tron
Dude I love science and the beautiful universe god made...GOD IS A SCIENTIST
Randy McMillan
the universe is 16.4 billion years old.
Henry Diaz
Pathetic, you and your "god", delusional and brainless !!!
Katherine Gordon
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No other area of tech is cooler than life science and bio-engineering tech.  Seriously the implications are fundamentally life altering. Having said that I still have reservations. A lot of this is still far future thinking.
Nick Ray
All this knowledge being used to sell his book?????? Pathetic! How is he different from all other greed mongers who want to own this planet and your mind?????? When will humanity wake up???
Ninosław Brzostowiecki
Shit, I've been misspelling Feinman... 
Not trillions of galaxies, more like 200 billion.
Alex Howell
8.48 - I beg your pardon?
Jay Fontaine
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Ethics in the age of technology | Juan Enriquez Homo Evolutis: Juan Enriquez 2 days ago   16:29

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