THIS is the way RTX SHOULD have launched... Why Nvidia Doesn't Want You To Buy The 20-Series 2 weeks ago   11:19

2060 is here! But is it worth it?

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Jay is the BEST! :)
Roland Sterijuanna
how do you have such an awesome hair
3:25 Dang, those pins are on the verge of jumping out and start walking off the MB lol. Like duceus.
Physic Warlock
It costs 462$ in India
Chris Le
feels bad man
The Probes
compared to 2014 the US minimum wage has increased significantly. Why do people expect everything to stay the same price when they bring home over $3 more an hour... lol . That's the minimal...not what people with real jobs a card costing $100 more when people are making 6 grand more per year makes sense... this is what increasing the minimum wage does, it increases the prices of everything. If your in a country where your minimal isn't flying up like it is in the US then blame us honestly, it's our fault. Instead of people trying to move up in jobs they think they should make a shit ton more money working their low-end job's making the same as people who have skill based jobs... expect everything to go up. With minimal increasing, pricing on everything will increase. I don't study economics but it logically makes sense.
The Probes
Bought the EVGA 2060 XC Ultra with 1830 out of box boost clock for just $30 more than founders. Very excited and was well worth paying the $30 for a higher clock along with the EVGA customer service. To not have tax added on top of the $379 was also great!
Jo Robb
I remember when I bought my radeon 9800 pro for 250$ CAD (High end card at that time). That was the good old days...
Marki Mark
When reviewing nvida products one must rember to shill hard for fear of repercussions.
Sell out channel !
Venom 23x23
when a 1060 new is 250. and this is 350 plus a bonus game and supports ray tracing its a good deal. Im buildng my first computer right now and its stupid to overlook the value. If you already have a 1070 then great but if not this is much better than a 1060 and costs 100 dollars more and has ray tracing. whether you like ray tracing or not its 100 dollars difference for the tech and better perfomance than the 1060. I honestly can't understand all the complaining. Should it be 300 yeah probably. Should new phones be about 200 dollars less than what they are? Yeah absolutely. This is tech in 2018-2019 now. If you're a business and you can still turn a profit by charging an additional 50 bucks you're going to do it. You can get a low end vega 64 for like 60 bucks more but then you could run into performance issues and you don't have ray tracing if it gets well optimized. So what's the downside?
Ford Lynx
I have a 1070 and I'm waiting for the 3070...
m Cave
Jayz are you seriously gushing over a 2060? And recommending it? "can't compare it to older tech" The hell you say I'll compare it to my 1080 all day long. This is the problem with youtubers under the thumb of big corporations....not gonna win subscribers like this. This is what you guys get for signing NDA's and wanting to be the first to come up with the do europeans say???? "get yourself on"
Pretty nice, but my Nintendo GameBoy can run Modern Warfare 19 on 96k @1200 fps, do my laundry *and* drive me to work.

I'm not sold, sorry Nvidia.
TØP - Gems
I'm pretty sure this will be a great card to upgrade to from the 1050 ti mini, right?
Dude forget the benchmarks what's that awesome music playing at 2:12?
I wants it!
Judge Dredd
If one can not play any game on ultra with a gpu, it's not worth buying
Ray-tracting isn't that impressive to me, the fake reflections in most new games looks just as good and doesn't kill your framerate.
in september 18 i bought a 2 week old used gigabyte aorus 1080ti for $550 shipped. i think i did pretty good there, night and day from my xfx r9 390x, now i just need a ryzen 2600x
Frag Droid
1050ti here
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Why Nvidia Doesn't Want You To Buy The 20-Series THIS is the way RTX SHOULD have launched... 2 weeks ago   11:50

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