THIS is the way RTX SHOULD have launched... Why Nvidia Doesn't Want You To Buy The 20-Series 2 months ago   11:19

2060 is here! But is it worth it?

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I have a MSI RTX 2060 Ventus OC coming tomorrow to replace my R9 390. It was only $359.99 at Newegg. Glad to see the AIB guys didn't jack up the prices all that much. I know some of the boards can go for upwards of $400 or more, but no one is twisting your arm to buy those. It just seemed like the best card in the 350ish range. Nothing from AMD could really compete with that price and performance unless you can find a Vega 56 on sale for $350.
hussein ahmed
song or ost name ??
Kshitij Rastogi
Where is 2070?? it's always been underestimated🤥
jaayyy_ 27
I can't find this card anywhere
Joseph S-D
LMAO I just upgraded from my 29 270x to an R9 390 very happy with my purchase.
Zarkaus Amurils

Is the 2060 failing like the upper rtx cards?
Good, fair review. I think the RTX 2060 is a great card at a pretty good price relative to everything else on the market.
Two months after this video is posted, I can't find one RTX 2060 FE card for $350. Its not even on Nvidias store front.
Soorya prabagar
ignore ALLTHE BAD reviews about the 2060 seriously i bought the PALIT RTX 2060 6GB GAMINGPRO OC upgraded it from a 1070 ti so did it beat the 1070 ti ? YES it did and it performs like a stock 1080. The higher memory bandwith and GDDR6 will make up for the missing 2GB with the 6GB
The RTX 2060 is actually pretty damn good
Schlomo Goldbergstein 7
I'm taking your advice and went with this, albeit in Zotac Amp Extreme flavor (extra nummy bin chip seasoning).. Paired with a medium rare 470X WiFi Aourus mb and Ryzen 2700 non-x with a 120mm push-pull aio. 16 gb of tasty Ripjaws 3200 RGB ram. For dessert, 2 tb of ssd (512x2 Silicon Power m.2 raid + 1 tb Team Group RGB, + 2 tb WD black 7200rpm hdd
(a single stick of cl 13 16gb 3466 ram for experimental fun).

I'm stuffing it all in a slightly smaller turkey: a DIYPC Crystal with 4x120 RGB fans pre-installed in front and rear, so the cpu aio goes up top with the 5th RGB fan (a freebie included with the case from Newegg) next to the radiator.
I washed it all down with a big glass of 650w bronze semi-modular ps from Corsair.

As of right now while I am writing this the power supply has been a problem. I was shipped the wrong one at first (550w non-modular) and was rush-shipped the replacement which is currently at my post office awaiting my return. Until tonight then I am unable to get things working properly, although I did do a post test on everything prior to assembly using my older system's 650w psu.

This is my first update system since my last full build in 2014, which is a decent enough rig but starting to show its age and limits of the 4 core AMD Phenom, even with the GTX 1060 6gb I installed last year after a long time running a GTX 960 2gb.

My hope is to have a rig that is "future proof" enough to get me through until the end of two more card/cpu roll-outs without having to do much more than maybe try to SLI the 2060 once the price comes down.
robin wilder
I just got the RTX 2060 AMP by Zotac and I am loving the performance.
Just ordered mine for $349
The reason why I'm shitting on this card like many others are is because it's a 2019 gpu that is comparable to the GTX 1070 ti but still runs games at 1080p for DXR. Like what kinda bullshit is that? Don't get me wrong, DXR is sweet as hell, but DXR at 1080p? You gotta be kidding me. Nvidia's high end GPUs should already be gaming at 1440p WITH DXR as the entry point into 2019, but they're still doing it at 1080p with a $300+ gpu which is bullshit. So unless you're getting the RTX 2070, you're just selling yourself short with the 2060.
Alexander Cartagena
I picked up a MSI RTX 2060 Ventus for £300, worth it?
what is that fps softwaRE YOUR using?
Nathan Collard
Appreciate this sir. Helped make my decision for my new build better.
1440p comparison to 1080p? What?
@JayzTwoCents psst dude i just want you to know that i can bear the burden instead of you just send me them cards and you will be free from the curse =)
When people say that this is bad but it is better than the 1070ti in performance and way cheaper
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Why Nvidia Doesn't Want You To Buy The 20-Series THIS is the way RTX SHOULD have launched... 2 months ago   11:50

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