PMQs - Live: Watch Theresa Jeremy Corbyn scraps cross-party 2 days ago   48:54

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Take a good look around Parliament. The face of British Politics is changing and many of those faces you see today in our Parliament will not be there in the near future. They will be replaced by MP"s that stand on a platform that represents the people, and they will bring to the house the views of their electorate, and not their own personal views that fly in the face of their promises when they were elected.
Lynnie Heal
I trust no one at all in politics after e . mailing everyone of them in Leicester and even our Prime Minister with the heading of for ten years have lived daily with being told that I can die any day none of them care at all. I will never ever vote again.
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Jeremy Corbyn scraps cross-party PMQs - Live: Watch Theresa 2 days ago   06:37

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to Prime Minister Theresa May to say talks over breaking the Brexit impasse "have gone as far as they can go" because of the instability of the government.

Corbyn said the Conservative Party's moves towards selecting a new leader means the government has become "ever more unstable and its authority eroded” undermining confidence in the "government's ability to deliver any compromise agreement".

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