Wyoming Sheriff Says Agency Why American Gun Laws Depend on a Comma 1 day ago   04:12

Jan. 16th

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J Whome
Presidential executive orders only apply to Federal executive branch agencies.
So, they dont apply to state or county or city officers.
So, its just theater for this Sheriff as Bluster and Puffing.
That being said, the Sheriff does not say what is constitutional or not. that is up to a court. So, if his State passed a law that the sheriff believed was unconstitutional, it is not, til a court says so. so, his oath means he must enforce it and take it to court.
Concerned Citizen
Let's see, so far the Government has tried to disarm Veterans, now they want to disarm senior citizens, the two groups least likely to cause crime and who need protection. Then on the other hand they import gang members from Mexico and Muslims who hate us, the two groups most likely to cause trouble. It's not about crime, which is at the lowest level in decades, it's about controlling the people. Fascist regimes that kill millions of their citizens ALWAYS disarm the citizens first.
Dale Bergeron
what a surprise. Fox.
Gun grabbers can't get the guns, but they can ban ammo.
Judge Napolitano, you need to run for president.
I find it funny how people get all scared about an executive order. The only thing that can change my constitutional rights is Congress. On top of that, If you read the constitution, it says that States have the abilities to make their own laws, hence the Marijuana laws in several states. The state I live in says, No matter what the Federal Gun Law says, we have our own gun laws forget what the federal government says about it.
Go ahead and ban how many bullets a "Clip" can hold, I'll just keep filling my Magazine.
Gabe Powers
Anybody care for a little Conquer and Divide?
The checks and balances in the Constitution, are ignored by dictator puppet Presidents, especially those who got the job by appointment and rigged elections! Where was the Constitutional candidate in the 2012 puppet Presidential race? They didn't give us one and so we had to select from two losers and pick the lesser of two evils. Our worst enemy today, is the federal government, which rules without consent! They force legislation through that we don't approve of and Congress did NOT read!
ryan daigle
i am a mainer one day i will move to one of those states that will backing the constitution
Executive orders are not laws..
You REALLY took that the wrong way. What they OBVIOUSLY meant was that someone could declare you mentally unstable or something even if you aren't. Look at how libertarians and gun owners are slowing being lumped into the category of "terrorists". We don't want to give them a back door into taking the guns.
The judge makes more sense than almost anyone else I have heard on the Constitution.
Misato Katsuragi
He has a point. That is one way Obama is going to take away the rights to own a gun from law abiding citizens. He is going to have medical industry declaring everyone mental ill, mentally ill or not. He is also going to try and impliment law making gun dealers refuse to sell guns to anyone who has ever had medical care for any reason, not just mental treatment. Don't be so quick to jump on someone who may actually be on your side in this matter.
Sounds great. Until someone decides you're the one with the mental health problem.
Nah it is you with the problem.I know you have no problems being a criminal.Fuck you ,gun nut.I am ok here and Canada has guns too,fucking moron.
Who is stepping in your way?Who is going after your family?No one,you are scared and like I keep saying it is ok do you.I can say whatever I want about guns it is called my opinion, no one asked you for a debate on why you are scared and need your gun you decided to tell me.
Everyone has some kind of mental problem.So if guns are banned you would be a criminal that all you are so scared of.None of you will be going against the government with your guns.The constitution can be changed.
you don't use it no one is attacking you
Lol wow a threat so scary
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Why American Gun Laws Depend on a Comma Wyoming Sheriff Says Agency 1 day ago   03:59

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