Keep Renting or Buy Property Now? And They Said You Couldn’t Lose 6 months ago   08:46

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Age old dilemma that many are facing. Are we experiencing a property bubble that’s about to burst or has it got more air to go so this could be a good time to buy? What if you’re a landlord, is life any easier? Not in Victoria it seems.

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Andrew Costello
These people deserve to lose. They're all stupid people taking loans they can't afford, in the hopes that they will magically become rich. I have zero sympathy for them all. And as always, they always blame everybody but their own greed.
Frank Houston
For people who want to rent, Is there affordable rental housing ? Same greedy Ba$tards who bid house prices to 1 million dollars expect 2000 month fir a 1 bedroom apt. Prices must fall where a hard working person can find a house 3x their income .
Macio Luko
@1:05 Yes. Illness, accidents, job losses, flooding, fires, burglaries, wear and tear, bad neighbours all happen to home owners. Funny how these things are never mention in the middle of a mania. In 2019 you are insane to sign any financial agreement over 1 year in length.
@6:00 Rental properties must have hot water and locks that work?!? What year is this 1912?
geoff washington
Scandinavian countries are looking a lot better atm
HeliOs AsclepiUs
In Venezuela 1 ounce of silver will buy 3 months of food 1 ounce of gold will buy a house!!
HeliOs AsclepiUs
You know gender neutral
Matthew Gray
I’m a single mid 30s guy with a mortgage. I paid a medium amount for my property 6 years ago and I now rent it out. I had friends pay twice as much for a first home. Over the same years my work had been on and off (mining industry), however I have managed to do a significant amount of over seas travel in that time. My LVR has always been under 80%. When I bought my house, I had a business collapse leaving me in about $80k worth of loans and credit cards, with payments at the time being 2.5 times my interest only mortgage payment!!! Talk about struggle. With the amount of personal debt, the cost of living, fuel, insurances and ELECTRICITY it’s no wonder why people are’s not necessarily that housing is too expensive - you will always find a way to pay your mortgage/ rent and out food in your belly, and if you need more money, WORK MORE! Get another job. Get another job! There is no excuse for being unemployed in Australia. Live within your means people. I now have $1000 left of ‘bad’ debt. I save 80% of what I earn and plan to spend 4-6 months travelling each year. What people lack is financial intelligence. If you can’t pay cash for a new pair of clothes or a dinner date, stay your ass at home until you can.
Gary Powell
Heat hot water and locks that work. Strange that have to put that into law renting a habitable should be a given , no wonder everyone wanted to own
Viral Clown
Mum and dad “investors” (they aren’t investors they are speculative gamblers hoping on capital growth) who bought negatively geared property will be the ones to hurt.
Lord Humongus
I'd like to give that Reporter a good shagging.
Mike Martin
Keep trading with China. Australia is going to go down the tubes when China sinks!
wow, they think loosing one income isnt bad enough, so they also kill the second income? so 99% really don´t know how money works.....
Anglo Saxon
The initial landlord requirements will be minimal. But once the concept is introduced there will be a yearly slow creep of added conditions that govt. won't be able to resist doing (for votes). At some point landlords will just sell up.
BasilBrush BooshieBoosh
I rent in Sydney. My roof leaks. The windows down one side of the house seep water under the sill and down the inside wall [meaning no furniture can be placed there]. There is constant mold throughout the bathroom because the extraction fan died two years ago.
The landlord will not fix these problems!!!
The Tenancy Authority have no power to help me!!!
The "investor" should bloody well take responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brett Mitchell
The answer to mass third world migration is mass deportations.

Remove 2m Asians and property is cheap and public services far less pressured.
über alles rennen
renting is almost as much as buying. australian people are just money cattle. be good goyim
John Hoy
Please fix your audio. Every. Single. Video. Is like someone shouting into a bucket.
Yvonne Bales
Join us in the street because we were totally gutted ourselves ...not been able to pay the exorbitant rents
Joey jojo
the great australian dream
bubba luv
I think the one thing that will soften the blow is the real estate investor activity, these people were buying and selling to each other for about 5 years with everyone else stuck on the sidelines scratching their heads. many held off or were locked out which means the direct effect will be mitigated somewhat, i do hope these flash harry developers like gurner and his greased back hair will get a kick up the nuts, he's just demolished a lovely deco commercial building near me to put one of his high end wanks there so fuck him
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And They Said You Couldn’t Lose Keep Renting or Buy Property Now? 6 months ago   11:04

We are continuing to document a serious property downturn in Australia, Ireland style. Lucky country it ain’t any longer please watch this video so you don’t make the same mistake many many have. This is getting seriously dangerous and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.