Keep Renting or Buy Property Now? Ghost Cities and Zombie Blocks 3 weeks ago   08:46

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Age old dilemma that many are facing. Are we experiencing a property bubble that’s about to burst or has it got more air to go so this could be a good time to buy? What if you’re a landlord, is life any easier? Not in Victoria it seems.

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Anglo Saxon
The initial landlord requirements will be minimal. But once the concept is introduced there will be a yearly slow creep of added conditions that govt. won't be able to resist doing (for votes). At some point landlords will just sell up.
BasilBrush BooshieBoosh
I rent in Sydney. My roof leaks. The windows down one side of the house seep water under the sill and down the inside wall [meaning no furniture can be placed there]. There is constant mold throughout the bathroom because the extraction fan died two years ago.
The landlord will not fix these problems!!!
The Tenancy Authority have no power to help me!!!
The "investor" should bloody well take responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brett Mitchell
The answer to mass third world migration is mass deportations.

Remove 2m Asians and property is cheap and public services far less pressured.
über alles rennen
renting is almost as much as buying. australian people are just money cattle. be good goyim
John Hoy
Please fix your audio. Every. Single. Video. Is like someone shouting into a bucket.
Yvonne Bales
Join us in the street because we were totally gutted ourselves ...not been able to pay the exorbitant rents
Joey jojo
the great australian dream
bubba luv
I think the one thing that will soften the blow is the real estate investor activity, these people were buying and selling to each other for about 5 years with everyone else stuck on the sidelines scratching their heads. many held off or were locked out which means the direct effect will be mitigated somewhat, i do hope these flash harry developers like gurner and his greased back hair will get a kick up the nuts, he's just demolished a lovely deco commercial building near me to put one of his high end wanks there so fuck him
Josh Marks
I'd prefer paying a mortgage than renting any day. Renting is terrible, no security, no asset accumulation. And when you retire you still have rent to pay. A recipe for poverty. Need to have a house payed off in full by the age of 55 maximum, than 10 years of work, and absolutely smash super / investments in assets that pay dividends. Then you can actually enjoy a retirement.
Ricardo Mastroieni
The reality is alot of people were given mortgages that really couldn't afford the debt.
Yes all landlords are pain (thats a cheap shot like landlords say all tenants from hell)
Draconian measures from the government. "Having locks that work". "An operational water heater". Oh my God.
Daniel Matheson
There is nowhere in Perths south east that was worth 600k without land. Over capitalised.
Daz G
They didn’t necessarily start with hand to mouth existence but once you loose your $150k job on the mines it soon ends up that way. Anyone can fall on hard times but the scary scenario is when we collectively fall on hard times due to rising unemployment and rising inflation. I fear this may be coming.
Peter Wakeman
please explain how a bank may lend for a house then insurance the debt then a insurance company could pay the bank when the loan fails?
Peter Wakeman
renting some have nothing to live on
Peter Wakeman
do not own it unless no debt?
Wish I had a crystal ball... Rushed into the market mid 2015...I'm probably around 20% down.
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Make good property buys ..have a plan b... have spare coin within your means ..and you shouldnt have a for positive cash flow study the market...easy
Having been a tenant and a landlord, I agree if the landlord has a problem with maintaining basic standards such as hot water and working door locks, he shouldn't be in the game. Things wear out and break, even without being abused; those costs are not optional. There are some atrocious properties out there.
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Ghost Cities and Zombie Blocks Keep Renting or Buy Property Now? 3 weeks ago   09:44

Ghost cities from China 2.0?
Sydney's falling apartment prices look set to continue into the next decade, with leading economists and real estate analysts predicting ongoing construction and the rise of so-called zombie blocks will pull prices lower.