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Meet Toy Ginger, our not so tiny home on wheels, designed to help us share everything we learn about 5th wheel toy haulers. This is our rig that we'll be selling at the end of Season 7 after all the upgrades. To learn more about the rig, click here...

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In this episode, we hook up a 5th wheel for the first time. Although we found it to be even more streamlined than a travel trailer, the size and weight of the F450 tow vehicle combined with the toy hauler makes it nerve-wracking. In other words, there are new sounds and methods to get used to - and exactly why we wanted to change rigs. After 161 episodes and over 200 videos focusing on travel trailers, it was time to learn (and share) something new. While we still have both boys with us, now was the time for a 5th wheel toy hauler. We don't know what's next. We don't even know if this plan is sustainable, but there is only one way to find out.

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B Johnson
Hauling , could you haul using a tractor/ trailer type set up instead of a dually. I've found very inexpensive used semi rigs that would tow that with ease
Libertarian 4 Ever
When you get nervous, scratch your ass first then you won't bite your nails.
Can you sit on your hands…geez!
Paul S
Good job with your backing! I'm a truck driver, and I'm going to share some wisdom that a trucker gave me when I first started. He had been a trucker longer than I've been alive. Backing up is one of the most dangerous things you can do in a truck (or a rig like you have). Take your time, go slow, and to hell with everyone else. Get out and look as often as you need. Don't worry about holding people up. Also, be sure to take as much room turning as you need. That new rig is going to off track differently than your old one. Love your videos, and the new rig is beautiful. Don't get lost in there looking for the bathroom, lol😉😂
Why is it called a "fifth wheel"? I count six.
Robert Harris
Jesus that's huge! Drive safe!
Judge Dredd
I do not see the point of any of this why do you do it
Judge Dredd
Ok so you are
thifty bill
Put up the tail gate first.
Awesome color choice!!
Alen P
I’m so happy for this family started from the bottom now they here
Brian Patrick
This is starting to wreak of product placement. Grand design logos placed next to you while speaking. I liked this channel when it seemed genuine and humble. This isnt kyd, this is kyd brought to you by Grand Design and Ford. Reel it in and get back to the genuine roots that got you this success.
Rapheal Francis
jay super
That's a lot of rig....
Norm Gibson
Where is Trish's dog?
Abraham perez
Is a Molcajete nice 👍🏼
197k people subscribed to this ? Did he say something about KY? The lube?
Mark Hansen
the big fifth wheel is a bad option for us. can't enjoy the living space while driving and then the dually is a lousy daily driver.
Nimitzclass A
24:28 Hahaha she has a Molcajete...😂😂😂
mopar Scat 392
If you had a ram you would be way better with it. 1000ft lbs torque. 31000 towing capacity. And has air ride so when loaded down it does not drop at all.
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2019 VIKING 93' MOTOR YACHT Not so TINY HOME | Moving into 2 days ago   09:36

2019 VIKING 93' MOTOR YACHT: Join us for a comprehensive walkthrough at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. For more information on this vessel, visit HMY at
or call an HMY Viking product Specialist at (561) 331-5200.