Surprise Visitors Bring Shopkins™ Toy Doctor Fixes Silly Kids 2 months ago   15:59

Tic Tac Toy
This video is sponsored by Moose. Miss Lucy is giving a lesson today on the new Shopkins™ Family Season 11 Mini Packs and the silly kids couldn't be more excited for these toys! Addy and Maya really know their different Shopkins families as they answer all of the silly teacher's questions correctly. Special appearances include: Chef Pierre and Housekeeper Natalie from Toy Hotel and pretend doctor Lucy from Toy Doctor.

Introducing the Family Mart from Shopkins Mini Packs! It's time to have some family fun with all NEW Shopkins! Search the shelves to collect a whole family of Shopkins! There's more than 30 families to collect! Inside every cute Mini Pack is a matching family member to find...will you find a bonus Babykin?

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Toy Doctor Fixes Silly Kids Surprise Visitors Bring Shopkins™ 2 months ago   11:57

Addy and Maya awoke to some pretty messy hair on their heads! These silly kids have to get to Toy Doctor Lucy immediately! Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this video. Luckily, with the power of the pretend doctor's toy medicine, she is able to fix the kids silly hair in no time thanks to these super fun Shnooks toys! The doctor is in!

Pop the bubbles, shake, and bring your new best friend to life. Style their hair, love them and they'll SHNOOK after you! Shnooks come with a comb, friendship hair-clip and more surprise accessories to keep everyone SHNOOKING good! All of the Shnooks have special best friend powers.

Have your parents help you check out to find out where to buy Shnooks and for fun activities like customizing your own Shnook, coloring pages and more.

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