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MT myoozik
Top 30 Most Viewed OPM Videos of All Time (As of May 26, 2018)

Let me know if I had missed any song I did not include on this chart.

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MT myoozik
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Joven Bague
Bkit wala ung secret lovesong ni Morissette???!!!
Ange Crz
If. Dara is only filipina but she is
Ange Crz
Monico Morantes
Buwan 99m views
exb 80m viems
Zeto lab
Yung hiling wala jan?
Ms Cinder
Paano ba 'yan? Update na! Buwan by JK is now the most viewed Filipino music video, the MV surpassed 85M views and still counting.
Jayzon Cortez
Update it to jan 2019
John Reymark Pray
Kung di rin lang-96M
raxy 420
rogenn parandas
Bakit ba ikaw 94M views
Yhowlah Ferrer
mundo 104m views
Jamie Kim
Proud JDF💜
Eiman Aduna
Sa ngalan ng pag ibig
Kahit ayaw mo na
Kung di rin lang ikaw
Kahit ayaw mo na
Raging Tomato
Most liked music video "buwan" 351k, I'm not sure but can't even see a single popular video that is close to buwan
Ronne Sha
Please update😊
i_ iramoj
Tang ina watch kayu mori performs secret love song halos umabot na sa 100M fyi
Francis Araneta
Bat wla ang IV OF SPADES-Mundo
Marksman ML
Mundo 98.5M Views 😍😍
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Top 10 Female Vocalists Top 30 Most Viewed Pinoy Lyric 4 months ago   12:21

Whether fronting a band or singing on her own, these women sure could sing. For this list, we've chosen our female singers based on a combination of the quality of their voice, vocal range, recognition and popularity. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 female vocalists. Special thanks to our users Nathan Lorenzon, Emmay864, Adam Gordan, Ciara247ish, afarrelly, Rachel Jackson, Moise Joassaint, capsricious79 for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at!

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