Token - Youtube Rapper ft. Tech Token - New Problems (Official Music 3 months ago   04:14

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Camera work: Ben Proulx
Prod. Nox Beatz


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Mairon Beats
Jonuel Villodas
This the type of niggas that go to party just to talk shit wile they ryme den deyl jump u
Da Boom
This reminds me of Dre and Em! Breaking the world! Hell yea no disrespect! All respect 💯
Joe Dickerson
Head over to strange Token, I’m sure Tech would love to have you
Bruno Fernandes
Okay Token i see you with that Logic diss. But drop an album like Under Pressure and then we can talk.
Sander Tolman
I just like the king with the youngin that is awesome
Token and Tech are my-bro-and-i-rap-together goals 🥂
giovanni tolenaars
Im 2 degrees it's like im switching college
Lingo News
Is it just me or does Token look like Dewey from malcolm in the middle grew up? lol
Lingo News
This is fire, gunna have our guys react to this soon .
Jayleigh Smith
0:00 replay button
This song is trash. (My Opinion)
lazy assed professional
Like a young em
If you love token check his freestyle rap on our channel don't forget to subscribe to our channel below and watch it
Ronin 90
This goes hard never heard of these guys but they're insanely good especially token he's on another level
Young Voltaire
Why the fuck am I subscribed to this account and have the bell checked ,but don't get any notifications?
Fist Full Of Feces
Finally token does a feature LOL smart kid for choosing Tech. Or did Tech choose him?
Eddie Sidorov
wait was that a logic diss? Logic is dope, same as these two. real lyricists.
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Token - New Problems (Official Music Token - Youtube Rapper ft. Tech 3 months ago   04:50

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