China warns Canada not to be naive Japan's export restrictions on high-tech 1 day ago   09:58

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A Chinese official has warned Canada not to be naive in thinking its allies can help smooth over issues between the two countries.
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Stacy Mackenzie
So anyways, I'm aware the circus probably shouldn't be left in charge of a lemonade stand; but did anyone ask China what the hell they want?
Arreola Luis
Yea trumps a 2 face
Arreola Luis
Well be stronger in numbers
James Koh
What crap these people are talking about.... advising to focus on this and that, focus on releasing the two Michaels, focus on farmers goods, etc. The one thing that Canada NEEDS TO REALLY FOCUS on is releasing Meng Wanzhou, period. All else is secondary. Why are they not talking about releasing Meng, the core of the issue? So self-righteous in condemning China's action but not Canada's action which started it all. How about looking at yourself in the mirror first?
Marxism is evil
Yeah Canadian ant, stomp on the the Chinese elephant and see how much damage you will inflict. Is it possible that the ant will be crushed without the elephant will even notice?
Michael Scalf
Why shouldn't Canada ask for help what is the purpose of being in a group of nations if you can't ask for help
Eddy Macinac
You have not represented Manitoba better than a grade 11 student. Did nothing about Husky spill, which is now showing up throughout Saskatchewan and now manitoba, sucking up to UN and USA is counterproductive-Canada needs to be Canada not a latest fashion wagon jumper. Personkind? Get your act together Liberals persons are born male,female (and some hermophrodite) you would do well to focus on reality instead of fads.
Chaotic Storm
Canada will get reckt if they impose tariffs on china lol china tariffs on canada will destroy Canada
Moz Art!
Politics destroy three pepole life one is Chinies women & and twoe Candian Man
Meister Sonic
Askung a castrated vassal FVEY BREITBASTARD EHITE SUPREMACIST KKKnation not to be naive is like asking them to be human. You can't. It's inside their serpentine Luciferic dna.
The worst is trusting Trump!?
Iam Nobody
They are still hoping Trump would smooth things over for Canada, maybe these people got their diploma from Trump University too, LOL
Sulino Sulino
wrong from the begining...too late to understand our own position
Angel Monkey
A great opportunity was missed by Trudeau sitting right beside Xi. Where was the translator? Incompetence?
Jeffrey Walker
Honey you have a donut sprinkle on your upper lip
Conservative Canuck
Canadian elections can't come soon enough... We'be become an international pariah thanks to these Liberals.
Tony Yao
Chinese was saying” don’t dream your master US come to rescue you”. It is a true statement, I don’t see anything wrong. If Canadian want to solve this issue, then should stay away from this and don’t take side.
David R. Walsh
How come the "panel" is corporate, right wing and white?
Canada is US dog country
mark wang
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Japan's export restrictions on high-tech China warns Canada not to be naive 1 day ago   03:15

日 오늘부터 수출 규제... 아베 "약속 안 지키는 국가에 우대조치 못 해…WTO 위반 아냐"

Our top story this morning.
Japan's decision to curb exports of semiconductor-related materials to South Korea takes effect today.
It's a move that's sure to escalate the already-high tensions between the two neighbors over historical issues.
Refuting reports that accuse Tokyo of breaching WTO regulations and the spirit of free trade,... Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe insisted the restrictions were not an embargo on South Korea.
Kim Hyo-sun starts us off.
Japan's export restrictions on semiconductor and display materials to South Korea begin Thursday amid the continued diplomatic row over Tokyo's use of Koreans for forced labor during World War II.
Tokyo's trade ministry abruptly announced this week that exports to Seoul of high-tech materials used in semiconductor and smartphone production will have to be approved on a contract-by-contract basis.
It added South Korea will be removed from its list of countries, such as the U.S. and European nations, that have minimum restrictions on trade.
Speaking at a political debate in Tokyo on Wednesday,... Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed the move is not an embargo.

"If another country doesn't keep their promise, you can't have preferential treatment like before, and some media don't report this properly, but it is not an embargo. It just means you can't have preferential treatment as you have so far."

He added the restrictions should not be linked to historical issues between the two countries,... insisting the move does not violate WTO rules.
Fielding a question on Japan's new restrictions,... Seoul's foreign minister Kang Kyung-wha said Wednesday that her ministry has used various diplomatic channels to demand Tokyo scrap the ban.
Calling it an "unreasonable" retaliatory measure,... Kang said it will hurt bilateral economic ties and global trade,... vowing to work with other countries who could also be affected.
South Korea's stance is drawing support from places you might not expect.
Japan's Asahi Shimbun published an editorial on Wednesday,... urging Tokyo to withdraw such measures that go against the principle of free trade.
It also noted how such a move is in stark contrast with the declaration Japan made as the host of last week's G20 summit in Osaka,... during which it stressed trade shall be free, fair and non-discriminatory.
The Tokyo Shimbun also criticized the Japanese government for its not-so-wise decision to escalate tensions through trade restrictions.
Other media outlets in China, the UK and the U.S. also pointed out that such a move will only harm Japan,... with the Wall Street Journal condemning Tokyo for taking a page from President Trump's playbook.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

Meanwhile, Japanese billionaire of Korean-descent and CEO of Softbank will meet chiefs of South Korean conglomerates including the Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics, Laee Jay-yong.
Son Jeong-ui, known in Japan as Masayoshi Son, is also scheduled to visit the presidential Blue House for a meeting with President Moon.
It remains to be seen whether any possible solutions to Japan's export restrictions to South Korea will come from these meetings today.

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