DONT POP The WRONG Balloon From Trinity and Beyond Escape Room! 2 months ago   13:18

Matt and Rebecca
Game Master New Clues inside Balloon Mixture Challenge!

▶ Last Game Master secret hidden riddle to solve:
▶ New GM Network video to help us using the coder!

After Rebecca Zamolo tried Last to Spill Wins on WORLDS Biggest Water Slide! (GAME MASTER Hidden Clues in Hawaii ), I, Matt Slays uploaded Last To Sink Wins Treasure Chest (5 Minute Target Game with Stephen Sharer & Grace with GM Clues), to find new clues to unlock the lockbox given to us by the Game Master. As we continue the Island Adventure in Hawaii we find more hidden clues inside what we think is a safe house with an unknown location. The GM mysterious note said we needed to go upstairs to locate the throwing darts. We took turns dropping them from 45 ft. just like Carter Sharer. Inside there were more notes saying different colors. What had to take a Pause Challenge for a moment to see if were seeing things. We used those colors to put together our ingredients such as activator (no borax) glue and glitter. We do hear a noise of a drone flying by hopefully they don't want us to do another 24 hour battle royale overnight at 3am again. If we do we will use our ninja spy training to defeat the quadrant. At the end you decide who wins but we did find what think might be our biggest challenge yet. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Matt and Rebecca
This was so much fun to make, comment below if you would try this!
Unknown Z
Are you twin was behind you
Doraneli Ramirez
Your the best YouTuber omg the rz twin was behind grace and steven
jinhua Chen
Laura Medina
I am D Pinos at the back of tEven share And Great share
Avery Dasilva
2 girls
Rylan Lozano
Grace wins
Natalie Vellon
Seneca wins
Doris Needham
Matt and Rebecca
Doris Needham
Red has a point
Malaiah Laxton
Rebecca or Mac to win
Ernestine Roberson
Ernestine Roberson
RZ twin is spying on you and she is in your house
Ernestine Roberson
Kaitlyn Nguyen
I see Rz twin
Katarzyna Zdanko
Gm no thanks
Lynell Allison
I vote Rebecca Samoa
Robert Short
diana marie reyes
Dejay Porter
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Trinity and Beyond Escape Room! DONT POP The WRONG Balloon From 2 months ago   10:46

Trinity and Beyond Escape Room! Hello Neighbor Trapped Me in the Llama
In this episode of the Gingerbread Man, I now have to listen to Trinity and Madison and complete their build a llama and fluffy cloud challenges in order to escape their escape room. As soon as I completed the first challenge, Hello Neighbor came out of the locker and told me to get inside the llama. I don't know why I was in there, but once he was gone I escaped from the llama but only met by Madison with another challenge to create a huge fluffy cloud. I completed that challenge with no problem but then after opening the next locker, I was met by Granny who knocked me out for some reason. I really hope no one saw that, but someone told me that Rebecca Zamolo was wearing the game master mask watching the whole thing. Did she help Trinity and Beyond with their escape room?

Hello GM Family! I am...The Gingerbread Man and let me tell you a little bit about myself, first starting with Project Zorgo and why I use to take on the alias, The Game Master.

I will be revealing the list of targeted kids channels that will be visited by The Gingerbread Man very soon and hopefully they will comply otherwise it will be the demise of their YouTube channel. The mission of this channel will be to make sure all kids channels are following YT TOS when using minors in their videos. Failure to do so will result in channel termination and the beginning of kidpocalypse 3.0

Let this be a warning, and reminder of who the Gingerbread Man really is

Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Backstory of the GIngerbread Man:
The Gingerbread Man was a member of Project Zorgo until recently being banned from the organization because he targeted kids channels when the head master told him not. He went under the alias, Game Master, because he was trying to destroy his reputation by targeting kids channels but when the real game master revealed that it was never him hacking all the kids channels, then the Gingerbread Man was caught in a lie and had to come clean. He goes by the Gingerbread Man because of his motto, run run as fast you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man. His motive is to play games and riddles with kids channels in order for them to keep their channel from the inevitable Kidpocalypse 3.0 from happening. As long as the kids/toy/family channels that are being targeting come to an agreement to play along with GM's games, than everything will be normal.

Epidemic Sound (