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It's that time of year again! Time for tentpole franchises to release their latest entries that will get terrible reviews and immediately flop! Movies are magical!

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Bacall McElroy
Trust me, they digitally touched up her hair, they do that in most movies for the main actors.
For those who may not know, the intro of this is making fun of the collider show "The jedi council" which is what their nerd crew parodies. You can see more info about them in "rich evans reacts to the most embarrassing podcast ever"
“Every Roland Emerick film has the strained parent-child relationship...”

Stargate. The closest that comes is that O’Neill’s kid killed himself.
Daniel King
We really gotta do the cheap "gender fluid" jokes, huh?
I actually went "YESSSSSS!" when they said Jennifer Lawrence / Mystique was killed.
Caffeinated King
"No one's impressed with anything" I see this a bit in the Game industry, we have a few big things to look forward to but alot of hyped up stuff comes out and is just "Okayish" and it has that similar kind of effect you see with the movies here.

Personally, I think it always comes down to the idea that marketing and developing anything for mass appeal never really results in anything truly great or something that will be truly remembered fondly beyond "Yeah I remember that thing years ago, it was pretty good I think?".
Rowan Mecke
I feel like Godzilla could be CG monster fights the whole time, Planet Earth style, and it would be great.
Michael Smith
I was just talking to my 12 year old son the other day after watching Godzilla about how summer blockbusters used to be a BIG thing. Movie posters would get you hyped months in advance. Now summer movies might as well be late winter movies. Nothing impresses anymore. The movie was “meh” by the way. He fell asleep and I was sick of all the dark, rainy monster scenes.
Jay, Netflix is not free.
J Plum
Type VCR in Google... well played RLM. Well played.
0:27 that editing fuck up tho
you guys simply saw to mutch
I feel like there's a difference between Phoenix and Dark Phoenix when it comes to Jean Grey.
Shout out early edition.
Chip Chipperson
Please go on Cumia!! That’s how I found you guys many many many many many years ago! And I thank god every day that I did!!
Alexander Salinas
Y’all should review Kill Bill on Half in the Bag
In Godzilla '98, the Matthew Broderick character says that he... she... it... the monster reproduces assexually. In Japan Godzilla is a male, and has a son. I have no idea who the mother is.
B Money
Boulevard Brewing! Kansas City represent!
S Earle
I hated how subdued the emotions were in Dark Phoenix. The young Jean Grey didn't display any emotions during the car accident or when she was told that her parents died. When one of the main characters die, Professor X didn't seem to get upset, he just got sort of teary eyed. And this was a character that he was supposedly very close to. I just feel like the acting isn't as great as it was in some of the previous films. The effects and action scenes were great but the acting was...meh.
Dan Fors
when will we see Max Landis on the show again?
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Best of the Worst: Christmas or Cats Half in the Bag: Godzilla: King 2 days ago   54:35

Merry Cat-mas, friends! To celebrate the holiday, the group watches movies that may be either terrible Christmas films or terrible films about cats. Or maybe both! Ho Ho Ho!