Gordon Brown New World Order ‘2030 Agenda’: Latest UN Plan 4 months ago   02:09

Gordon Brown New World Order Speech

Britains new Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about the Elite's Plan for a One World Totalitarian Socialist State, the Globalazation Agenda for a New World Order.

DEATH to the New World Order! National Sovereignty will prevail !!!

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Marcus Agrippa
Gordon Brown is a globalist, he opened up the floodgates of mass immigration when he was PM of Britain. He is another puppet of Brussels, same as his chum Tony Blair. Both these ex PM's should be prosecuted for the immense damage they have inflicted upon Britain.
mama mama
Kristie Hansen
Tierney and slavery is what the new world order is about for most of the worlds population. The biggest Holocaust will be for the western worlds Christian's and whites total genocide
Sharon Croft
George bush senior is burning in hell
bernie the bolt
you stupid sellout halfbreed scottish scumbag fuck you!
Macs Freedom
He was deluded mother fucker , handing the banks the keys to the save , and what did he expect lol what a fucking clown .... freedom for Scotland YES2
M Pullen
check out how this has been cut and edited to reduce the number of times he actually said 'new world order'
Roger Rabbit
This just tells people that the Bible has always been telling the truth and that God does exist that should be a message to all those people that do not believe in him to get closer stop being ignorant there's a reason why a Bible or a book as old as it is is predicting our whole damn future and the funny thing about it is that everybody has read the Bible or as heard of the Bible including the morons that are pursuing with their new world order they know in their head that the things they are doing is pretty much written on the book and they still continue to do it knowing that they are serving the devil knowing they're going to go to hell and they still continue to move forward like if nothing is going on may God have mercy on your soul
They are not fabians. They are totalitarian communists.
NWO = Communism ! Fabians working behind the scenes to achieve it
tatties and eggs
he will be dead soon heart disease
evan water
The Paranoid Blues Man
For the people who don't understand why many of us fear Globalism. Globalists dream of a world without national borders, where all the world's different cultures mingle and get along peacefully. Sounds great doesn't it. The problem is that different cultures tend to clash violently, it's happened time and time again throughout history, and it's happening again now. It's just human nature. Because of this a truly borderless, global society is not possible without clamping down on our freedom and privacy. It is precisely because of these multicultural agendas that we are seeing the abolition of free expression and ever more mass surveillance of the public. Quite simply, Globalism is incompatible with freedom... Given a choice between my own personal liberty, and an idealistic pipe dream of global unification, I will always opt for the former.
What do we want?A world full of squabbling uneducated prolls or a united wprldcfmbracing diversity, sustainability and equality. Don't let the the hype blind you. We need dome form of global cooperation
Lee CambsUK
he and tony blair are fabian socialists, there aim is absolute control. this has all been done little by little, gradually changing peoples opinions over decades to enhance their cause which is now at a pivotal point. they are likely to gain control in the USA and my advice to my american cousins is simply this, trip it up at every turn, make socialism hurt to exist in your life becuase if you give it a free ride it will devour everything in its path.
dean harris
Having just read through the comments on here, I'm not at all surprised that the world is in its current state. So many people at loggerheads with others. So little teamwork. A great deal of paranoia and an inability to string a sentence together without disparaging others. I am getting on in years and will have my total blackout before the brown stuff hits the fan. I have concerns for the new generations. I hope that they will find ways of coming to terms with the condition of the world and help each other. I have not seen evidence of that here and now. However, I wish you all a happy and peaceful future. ♡
Jay Mason
So this man,bloke, is backing for the World New Order. What a load of scum.
Carl Richardson
Until we wake up & see that we are all slaves to a few, they only have their own agenda & follow it no matter what happens to the people. We will never be free unless we stand up as 1 & remove all the people in Control, we don't have to live like this.
biobele william-west
fuck Gordon Brown and new world order.
Count Basie
where can I find the full version where a journalist thanks him for "a illuminating speech"
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‘2030 Agenda’: Latest UN Plan Gordon Brown New World Order 4 months ago   10:31

In this week's Analysis Behind the News video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how many Americans have chased Agenda 21 planning out of their communities, but now the UN is replacing the Agenda 21 terminology with “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”; how the “2030 Agenda” will lead to a UN-dominated world government; how the “2030 Agenda” is grounded on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which amounts to saying that rights are granted by the UN, not by God as our Declaration of Independence asserts; how the “2030 Agenda” promotes world-wide migration without regard to national boundaries; and how you can obtain a copy of the UN document, “Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” at

#Agenda21 #2030Agenda #SustainableDevelopment