Train to Tecate & Verde Crema Children's Hospital & Dentistry 4 months ago   24:47

Jorge takes the unique tourist train-ride from Tijuana to Tecate. Once in Tecate, there’s a fun little festival with little foods to taste and things to see. On the way back to Tijuana, the mariachi play us a few tunes right aboard the train. Next, we get to have a few nice plates of food at Verde Crema.

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Dante Monte
Fatty better be paying these Humble people! They don’t make much money as it is.
Lunático Vídeos
Yo fui y dentro del tren te diviertes mucho.
wet timguavass
Mexican food is the first true global fusion food.......1519
Doug Halldorson
When does this train run?
Loraine Spencer
Looks like Jorge is becoming a food critic. He used to devour and praise everything. LolI'd like to see maps in this show, like where to get the train.
Felipe Watkinson
Mi hiciste llorar de nostalgia je
Una cuacha
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Children's Hospital & Dentistry Train to Tecate & Verde Crema 4 months ago   24:47

Some people are making the world a better place. We meet a woman who helped to found a hospital for disadvantaged children in Tijuana. We interview her and take a tour around this world-class facility. On the topic of healthcare, Jorge wants to learn more about the medical tourism we hear a lot about, dentistry being top on the list. You've never seen a dental visit like this.