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Olivia Ellis
Did you know that My Way by Frank Sinatra is actually a translation of Comme D'habitude by Claude Francois
Drunk cover
Matthew Mitchell
Jack is da best
If you leave ice cream out in the sun, let it completely melt, and then bring it back inside to put in the freezer, will it taste better or worse after you freeze it again?
Joseph Flynn
Play fortnite Jack
Your yelling is my ASMR.
lone wolf
Have you loved someone before? Please be honest I met lier's before so please don't lie me.....also that one depression game I think....I don't remember the game name but it was....cool so thanks...I'm gonna go
0:10 it’s actually a triangle
Ravengamer 27
4:13 Oh no, Tik Tok got Jack too. ITS TOO LATE NOW! SAVE YOURSELVES!
S Hess
If im gonna be honest here, I am really sad that he changed because like, he was so fricccccing awesome and loud and funny but now he’s just quiet and boring. Like, jack be more LOUD.
Floppy The Gyarados
As much as I miss energetic jack this is good
Aussie Boi
“I wish that the world will be right and we will all love each other”
What a lovely sentiment!
“Screw it, cookie dough for everyone”
*sigh* world hunger I guess
Aussie Boi
Describe T series in 6 or less words
Smokey Skye
Jack you is my senpai jaaaaaaack

Also do antisepticeye again coz its me on mondays

Come and kill me in my sleep
jack im waiting ._. give me more of this
Lazy Potato
Hi Jack, I know you'll probably never see this comment but it's worth a shot right? I've been in the community for a while, and I'm here to stay. I've never been able to send you fan art or anything, but I would really like to someday. I really love your videos and your awesome humorous jokes. I will always be here in the community.
GreenNinja 12345
idk why i'm. to afraid to make a straght up vid derectly to youtube
HollyLoves Pugs
READING YOUR COMMENTS PLEASE- My ex best friend lied to me last year telling me she had tickets to a meet and greet and invited me to it then when we had an argument later she said she was taking someone else and kept lying to me about actually having the tickets. She obviously didn't end up going and it had left me in tears for a while I hope i can soon meet you Jack.
Also sorry if it's so long but I love you and you always make me smile.
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248 LIFE HACKS THAT WILL DROP TILTED YOU COWARDS | Reading 6 months ago   17:35

5 Minute Crafts is a do it yourself showing useful things lol jk
If we reach 30,000 likes I will make another reaction video on them
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