Fortnite | Season 7 Leaks and Insane *NEW TRICK* THROW DYNAMITE 6 months ago   12:57

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 is almost here! After looking through all the leaks and theories here’s 12 things you should know about season 7. Call them premonitions, theories, predictions or leaks. Battle pass characters, save the world crossover content, new themes and biomes and new ways to travel. If you’re reading this write ‘Matt Damon!’ in the comments… I will try to reply.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Loading screen story
01:21 A.I.M (Aimbot) hidden context
01:49 Snow cloud / Iceberg / snow biome
03:23 Parachute logo / A.I.M sigil / Big Brother
05:16 Elysium – movie storyline tie in
06:00 Portals to other worlds / Other dimensions
07:10 Food fight rages on
08:00 Chicken restaurant joins the fight! Tender Defender
09:00 Leaks and more leaks
09:20 Hover Board
09:49 Disney crossovers – Wreck it Ralph 2
11:11 Melee weapons
11:28 Save the world new characters – unplayable at present
11:40 Twitch prime pack 3 2019

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Thanks for watching... If you have a great theory let me know. I'll include it in a future video.

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Onesie is in the week 7 loading screen for season 6
Nano Bot
Season 9 anyone
T -series
Watching in season 9 , just me ?
Ginger_ YT
Season 9 anyone?
Family Tale
Do you see the female durr burger skin at the front in the week 10
Larry Perrin
That cake Cake cake cake BOII
This is funny watching in season 8 (almost season 9)
5 days before season 9
Yoyo Dude
2019 anyone?
What Mountain? PEANUS MOUNTAIN???
editz YT
Lol watching in season 8 almost season 9
Terry Trashcan
The whole aim map thing was correct surprisingly
roselind basih
Are right season 8 anybody 😎
Stoopid Gaming
8:00 song ?
Saler 45
None of them are in expect of the bored and the carsoll
splater knight
Yeah you missed something in the rave loading screen at the front of the crowd is the Onesie skin I feel like I’m one of the only people who noticed it
And no one noitisd onsie
Dat boi evan is craycray
Its Not really a theroy but more of a test does the new season 8 baller vehicle protect from stink bombs
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