Fortnite | Season 7 Leaks and Insane *NEW TRICK* THROW DYNAMITE 3 weeks ago   12:57

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 is almost here! After looking through all the leaks and theories here’s 12 things you should know about season 7. Call them premonitions, theories, predictions or leaks. Battle pass characters, save the world crossover content, new themes and biomes and new ways to travel. If you’re reading this write ‘Matt Damon!’ in the comments… I will try to reply.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Loading screen story
01:21 A.I.M (Aimbot) hidden context
01:49 Snow cloud / Iceberg / snow biome
03:23 Parachute logo / A.I.M sigil / Big Brother
05:16 Elysium – movie storyline tie in
06:00 Portals to other worlds / Other dimensions
07:10 Food fight rages on
08:00 Chicken restaurant joins the fight! Tender Defender
09:00 Leaks and more leaks
09:20 Hover Board
09:49 Disney crossovers – Wreck it Ralph 2
11:11 Melee weapons
11:28 Save the world new characters – unplayable at present
11:40 Twitch prime pack 3 2019

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Thanks for watching... If you have a great theory let me know. I'll include it in a future video.

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giani franco
I'll use your code forever man
Natsudragneel 0001
They announced that the hover board will be coming soon today
Poizon YT
you got the twitchprime pack kind of right it didn't come in 2019
Noon Ie
y is this so fake???
PixelGamer 3D
AIM did 9/11
Casey kaye
Billastic B3AR
Where does he get the music from because I like it
Owen Yates
you are good at guessing because there is a new transportation
Fudge Squad
5:13 anyone else see the girl durr burger skin?
surexx grex
I'm in season 7 :)
Rasmey Vy
I love that movie and thank for telling me theory about season 7
Potato Jo
What if the visitor, the enforcer , and A.I.M not are working together
Ernesto Lara
True aim looks like crappie rip chappie
Ellie Somerville
Are you isahooten???
expertgamer 0225
What if the enforcers are with aimbot and on the same team? think about it they both have glowing blue eyes that are the same HEX color they both have a strong armor substance and they both came from somewhere off the island... wait what if they are here because it was the visitor's last seen location and they are trying to find the visitor for some reason
Unscripted Productionz
Now that season 7 is out and there are A.I.M outposts everywhere, I have a theory. A.I.M was a droid sent to the A.I.M company to eliminate any dangerous anomalies so it would be easier for the company to overtake the island and gain complete control. This would explain why AIM is shown sneaking up in Calamity and Deadfire (Dangerous vampire and zombie hunters) and at the concert, which had many characters that could be dangerous
Trexxy The Wolf!
Asher Olorunsola
Half of tilted towers was cover with snow it looks like the snow is going to cover the parts of the map with each update in the summer the snow might melt way and the map will be filled with water like an underwater map
derrick rentas
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