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Cementerio de la Recoleta is a cemetery in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Here are many important people who have played a role in Argentine history.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the first Argentinian president Bernardino Rivadavia commissioned the French architect Prospero Catelin to design a cemetery. The cemetery is located on an old monastery site and around the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Dutch: Our Lady of the Pillar, the patron saint of the city), a church built in 1732. The monastic order disappeared and in 1822 it became the first general cemetery in the country.

The place gives the impression of a real city with wide streets and narrow alleys. There are more than 6,000 graves and mausoleums on the 5.5-hectare site, of which dozens are protected as a national monument.

The cemetery includes:

Adolfo Bioy Casares, writer, journalist and translator
Eva Perón
Hipólito Yrigoyen, president of Argentina between 1916 and 1922 and between 1928 and 1930
Juan Manuel de Rosas, politician, military leader and caudillo who led the Argentine Confederation from 1829 to 1852
Luis Federico Leloir, biochemist who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1970
Raúl Alfonsín, politician and president from 1983 to 1989
William Brown, admiral and founder of the Argentine navy

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*This is a real treasure, nobody has permission to record there, congratulations on the video.*
That's an awesome place. I took HatCam videos there but my friend kept wanting to get in the shot so I had to heavily edit it. I really like your style as it gives me a vicarious feel.
Moeshtery Alhajary
Jose Troche
The burial site for Evita Peron...the major attraction.
Can you make a video in Recoleta neighbourhood as well?
mahdi naser
G Junior
I really enjoyed your Buenos Aires walk.I hope you have many more.
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Recoleta Cemetery: Argentina's 'City Walking La Recoleta Cemetery (Buenos 1 day ago   26:14

Hailed by CNN and the BBC as one of the best cemeteries in the world, Recoleta Cemetery is a fascinating necropolis. It's a miniature city with over grandiose mausoleums and other impressive tombs. This video illustrates the founding of the cemetery and its development, and tells stories about some of the most interesting people buried here. You will enjoy seeing some of the impressive art and architecture on display in the most visited tourist location in Argentina.