H3H3 & RiceGum are at WAR! #DramaAlert BAITING CLANS into our DEADLY 2 months ago   13:17

This is getting INTERESTING! ( WOW )

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Bryan O'Leary
H3h3 was trying to help people with depression . Ricedick was trying to sell gambling to little ricedicks
ovilex gameplay
Keem can't you just get in contact with Vladimir Putin to send some fucking assassins over to assassinate this piece of shit scum bag fuck cunt
Nobody care about the fact this Man Degi FUGly wit a capital FUG
Burhan Arfan
Wow I feel like ricegum has officially a new low by going after Hila
Marcus Turner
Keemstar said 40 mil it's 400 hundred million?!
Irritation. If you miss that feeling, go listen to ricecum talk.
Bro lost all respect for ya when you laughed when he talking shit about Hila. Shit wasn't cool, no reason to even go there. I don't care if you diss Ethan but Hila is just better than you in every way. Go back to the garden you dirty Gnome. Rice Gum has never had a girl that even likes his ugly ass. They just there for his money and once it's gone and it will be because his views are drying up and he doesn't know what saving money is because he likes to be a flashy douchebag. Can't wait till Rice Gum is smoking crack and sucking dick for a rock. He sucks dick now but not yet for crack at least.
E Bray
*rolls 3 second vid of H3h3 video
*rolls 5 minute ricegum videos
News channels need to be unbiased and that means giving both of them a voice kinda like journalism 101 right?
shity crazy moron
The only way to defend yourself in those situations is either you don't do the act or that its has other meaning than surface level it cannot be 'yeah i done it but i'm not the first one to do it', who the fuck cares you still doing the fucking shit, dickhole
ronron Lil
Im Done with ricegum time I went on His Bitch Ass hes pissed me off
So Much he does this Same shit its getting annoying
Denise Menise
“Talk about the problem but focus on the solution!”🙃🙃🙃🤣
Steven Geisert
Y da fuh do u care about this shit
Team H3H3.
J Hoop
Hey Keem, please stop promoting G-FUEL aka lead fuel. There's fecking LEAD in it.
WTF has happened to this great site?
H3h3 used to be respected. Now he is a joke
Rene Del Castillo
Logan Thomas
Rice gum
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BAITING CLANS into our DEADLY H3H3 & RiceGum are at WAR! #DramaAlert 2 months ago   18:03

In today's Rust trap base video, we built a deadly Trap Base with Rcham and ended up baiting clans and players to their death! We also had to defend our base from huge raids before trapping players in to our trap base for easy loot! Enjoy!

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