Thirty Eight Metres outdoor Electric CAR Conversion! From GASOLINE 1 day ago   04:57

Thirty Eight Metres outdoor run for the Red5 Air Powered Car Kit

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Put a rubber band on it
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Mike Flight
Two good runs. Doc Ink had a good idea about putting a bigger bottle on it. I was thinking the same. Would a medium size pop bottle fit, or even a larger one?

I know they might be soft when you start to pump up the air but they would get easier to pump when the air gets in them and the pressure rises.

I had to be careful about how I worded that last sentence. The words stiffer and longer came to mind, hence change the wording. :D
Doc Ink
thats rather impressive, how difficult is it to change the tank/bottle for a larger one?
Myra Madd
Awesome. Love air powered stuff. Not too environmentally concerned, but new forms of energy interest me
Harumi Kagaya
0:03 😂😂😂 finally its a face reveal you look like a wizard from hobbit i love that old man he such a lovely person and so are you 😃😃
Joey the bmx kid
You should have put superglue on the Axel so the wheel doesn't fall off again
Joey the bmx kid
Can you do giveaways any RC cars you don't want or this I love your Channel and I love the things you make and buy
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Electric CAR Conversion! From GASOLINE Thirty Eight Metres outdoor 1 day ago   28:46

My new Project! DIY Tesla Roadster 2020! I believe I can do it!