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Danny Duncan
Thanks for putting this on Mr. Beast!

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Danny Duncan
Mystery boxes are now available! they’ll arrive by Christmas so make sure you grab one before they sell out
Devin K
Danny is a puss for not taking first
i hate when they do challenges like this and in the process of completing it someone decides to come up with a stupid as compromise like this . you defeat the purpose of it .. Seriously why even bother calling it a challenge . theirs no winners here .. Your better than this Danny Duncan .. what a let down..
Dante Hughes
6:45 this guy is fuckin annoying
Dante Hughes
I sat through that ad and fucking loved every second
The mystery boxes are out of stock😰
Spencer Phillips
strong intro
0:50 why the fuck does Cameron look depressed
Junior Sanchez
Was that Alex ernest
He was just holding Cameron’s weight on him basically 😂😂
Sean Obrien
Clout house sell out
Izak Humphreys
Dislikes are mr beast fans
mikey reynoza
Poor Cameron
Ldiux H
Same shoes
Yasue Akihito
Should have kept going
Cooper Cox
You should do a video with faze rug
Push this bottom if you agree
hayden cooper999
mini ladd, mr beast, joogsquad, and of course daddy danny wow
H.Barrett fishing
Chandler would have lost in ten minutes
Ragab Shafei
I was the 911'th dislike, but the vid was actually a banger, just had to do it for the memes

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My First $100,000 Paycheck! Last to leave circle wins 7 months ago   13:37

Thanks to all of you support me and have changed my life. Couldn't have done it without you!

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