Norwegian Sun Key West Night Time World Cruises: 7 Things To Consider 2 days ago   09:36

Cruise ship Norwegian Sun departs Key West Florida after 10pm November 13, 2018 for a spectacular sight on the moonlit waters of Key West harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. Special appearance by pilot vessel Capt Blinky. Copyright 2018.
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Antonio Cognato
where was this ship going to?
Matvei Veremeenko
I like this video))
Christopher Canale
BLC. . Loved your close up view of ship backing out. I can't wait until Feb. when I'll be in the Keys to watch the cruises coming and going in person. !!! Music, spot on !!!
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World Cruises: 7 Things To Consider Norwegian Sun Key West Night Time 2 days ago   10:20

Discover the seven most important things to consider if you are thinking of doing a world cruise, grand voyage or a long extended cruise. Taking a regular cruise you have to be careful, but committing many thousands of dollars and weeks and months on one cruise line and ship requires even more care. For most cruisers a world cruise, voyage or cruise of several weeks will be a once in a lifetime trip, due to the costs and time. I share the seven things I learnt from taking a number of them, and share the most important extended cruise tips and tricks you must consider before deciding to do one and booking.

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