Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel Comics Explained: Carol Danvers 5 months ago   05:41

Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
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The former Ms Marvel is one of comics' most enduring and interesting heroes, and she's finally being given a chance to shine on the big screen. Want to learn more about this classic Marvel character before she arrives in theaters? Look no further, true believers!

Learn more about the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell:

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tyler solomon
Between carol Danvers and jean grey who has more code names lol
Carol Danvers goes by
1 ms marvel
2 binary
3 warbird
4 captain marvel
And then jean grey goes by
1 marvel girl
2. Phoenix /
3 dark Phoenix
4 white Phoenix of the crown
Did anyone else notice this or is it just me? Lol
lovepeople Hu
Captain Marvel: Both hated in the comics and in real life Marvel Movies
Briannah La Belle
Wow! That was a wonderful?but sad story!
Zero Quanta
WRONG!!!! Watch M. can't even get the origin story correct!!! No details on HOW she becomes who she is.
Bryson the Mad Pencil
Feminism in a nutshell
Dennis Dumaua
Spoiler alert:her friend was her enemy
Jack Bat
Who came here after they saw Captain Marvel (2019 film)? What do you guys think?
Matthew McDonald
thanks for the info since no one knows or gives a cap about this mediocre comic character that has to keep getting relaunched.
Ms. Is pronounced "miz", not "miss". I feel like I shouldn't have to say that.
Todd Hitchens
Funny.. No one seems to realize how Captain Mar-Vell even when he remained a man was a classic SJW character. It's the death, ironically of the franchise. Leave it to women to ruin anything men have and enjoy.
.....when we loved the female characters anyway.
But they had to have anything that makes a man happy.
Juan Martinez
Is she the Goku of America? Her powers are like his!
Etep Wokuian's The Place To Be Reviews
Captain Cat Lady with more reboots due to not selling books gets a movie, and a wooden actress to play her; it should have been either Emily Blunt or Katie Sackhoff playing her. I'll wait here to be attacked by the "bUt bRiE wOn aN oScAr fOr tHe rOom" crowd.
Joshua Diaz
Do the mole man
Julian Young
No mention of how she got OWNED by Rogue??
Interesting, i guess they don't want another female to outshine Carol for this SJW movie.
Most of you people are slandering the movie already and haven't even seen it yet. WTF????
James Gordon
Don't see how "the damsel in distress," role is unfortunate, especially not in comparison to her modern role as the Femanazi shemale of SJW marvel.
I Am The Bucket
Looking forward to the movie.
Bryan Sowder
I can't wait!!!
why is her name so similar to supergirls?

i understand ripping off popular heroes, but at least change the names
Bryan C.
Tossed around like a sorority pledge at a senior frat parry. The chick is damaged goods. Her own team mates couldn't be bothered to help her. It only makes me care even less about the movie. Next.
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Comics Explained: Carol Danvers Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel 5 months ago   12:27

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