Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel Comics Explained: Carol Danvers 6 days ago   05:41

Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
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The former Ms Marvel is one of comics' most enduring and interesting heroes, and she's finally being given a chance to shine on the big screen. Want to learn more about this classic Marvel character before she arrives in theaters? Look no further, true believers!

Learn more about the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell:

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why is her name so similar to supergirls?

i understand ripping off popular heroes, but at least change the names
Bryan C.
Tossed around like a sorority pledge at a senior frat parry. The chick is damaged goods. Her own team mates couldn't be bothered to help her. It only makes me care even less about the movie. Next.
Quite selective history... Forgot to show her battling her demons with alcoholism, something even Tony Stark related with and helped her overcome while she was an avenger. It is an important part of her character and shows a lot of development.
And that in and since Civil War 2 she has been a determinist and very authoritarian. In a rehash of Minority Report, she basically enslaved a teenage precog mutant, strapping him to a machine in an orbital satelite and use his visions as justification to arrest and imprison basically anybody that could do any crime. To the point of using her starpower to manipulate Kamala Khan (the current ms.marvel who appears incredibly impressionable) and a troupe of teenagers to go out and arrest people based on these visions without responding to any official organization while disrespecting all sorts of international human rights laws and following Carol's orders without question (not even Kamala cared to do much against it as she felt conflicted only when a friend of hers got arrested). The teens even used nazi-inspired outfits.
Besides that, all Carol has done is manage a reality show in a space station and later form the most inexpressive and useless Alpha Flight team who did nothing of note...
LiAngelo Ball
Every bandwagon marvel fan watching this after the trailer
Grace Chen
She can fly, she can shoot laser beams. Sounds like a version of Iron Man or something
chris beery
She has as the emotional range of a saltine cracker.
I honestly dont know shit about her
Boris Milojevic
Pure bullshit..This movie will be so bad it hurts..
Jaypee Teran
Far From Home
Captain Marvel
Ian O'brien
Oh ya gotta bring feminism into it oh what fun🙄
TRM - تي آر أم
I hate this character
because she is copied from Super-Girl

but i hate Super-Girl
Son of Martha
Remember how much hate people put on gotg because they didn’t knew them.
Son of Martha
Cant wait for march! Please come out in February!!!
Yes, I wonder why these turds assume one would automatically know about these weird-ass characters. This, for example, is such a dumb character and it still makes not the slightest sense.
Jared Salad
I wouldn't say "inspirable". Especially in her comic run over the past four years. She's been written as a shitty individual with no sense of right or wrong. Nearly killed Tony, compares a holocaust victim to 4chan trolls, demeans everyone around her, the list goes on.
Before hand she also had a drinking problem and was a bit demented.
Overall she was never an inspirable character.
She's not the female character Marvel should put on a high pedestal compared to Wonder Woman.
tyler lane
I don't understand why people hate the idea of her being captain marvel but im definitely seeing the movie after the last trailer they put out she's such a bad ass.
Chris Conway
I didn't realise watch mojo scripts were written by a snowflake.
Outdated origin? So, every female hero has to start out as powerful these days (even before getting powers)?! That's boring and it's more interesting she started out as an ordinary woman that because a superhero. It makes her journey MORE heroic. Is Spider-man's Origin outdated? He's a below average boy that gains superpowers. *sigh.
Eric Kelly
am I alone in thinking that Brie Larson was the wrong choice for this role? I don't mean to belittle her, but she doesn't give off a air of commanding respect or intimidation when she delivers her lines. I've seen the trailers and the word "meh" has escaped my lips twice. I know this is trying to be the new Captain America type hero, but when you got an actor who looks like she could fall over with a stiff breeze I question the choice of actor.
I honestly wasn't sure if I wanted to watch the movie, but with all the Conservatives complaining, I think I'll give it a shot 🍻
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