HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating How to make a Pirate Ship Cake?| 1 day ago   14:27

HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating Boat propulsion 🚤🚢 PART 4 RC in the bath. This time I added a rudder and put it in the bath. It is incredibly slow but it does have forward propulsion and steering.

FlySky FS-T4B transmitter
FlySky FS-GR3E 3ch receiver
1S LiPo battery
20A brushed motor ESC
9g servo
Poundland vibrating toothbrush
Scrap foam packaging

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Maybe works something  like this ?
Hermit Oldguy
0:00 I thought the boat was anchored by the bath-plug for a while there.
Hermit Oldguy
Philosophically, it's moving because it's not staying still, ie, it's bouncing up and down, and has less resistance to motion forwards than backwards or sideways.
Hermit Oldguy
For a rudder to work, you have to have some water-flow past it.
Magic Vijay
Nice video..... #Magicvijay
Co Fa
Hey Oldman :) ! Did you tried moving the mass form center to say front then rear of the boat ? And note if the vibration as the same effect, does it make it move in the same direction for the same rotation of the motor for exemple ? Anyway glad to say you still enjoy the little things ;)
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How to make a Pirate Ship Cake?| HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating 1 day ago   09:22

This is a Pirate Ship Cake tutorial. It is an amazing cake . If you are going to have a pirate themed party, you can make this pirate ship cake yourself easily!

Music: ukele

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