Theresa May is about to make a statement MPs debate Brexit impasse - LIVE 2 days ago   2:24:48

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Ralph Williams
With a speech written by the eu
11.52 WANKER
if mays deal is so bad why will she not accept it, if europe will not open renegotions then we must leave with no deal, if mps change thier minds and find mays deal acceptabe then they want shooting at dawn. but the british people feel brussels are shitting on us and want no deal how come may is not listering to the great british peoplr, there must be something in it for her or other parlimentareinans .she speaks with fork tong, in riddles saying one thing and meaning something else, involeing dobin oops corbin means we are fucked even more. margret thatcher would be proud of may because maggie only managed to screw the miners and steelworkers, may as as done the whole country in one go, she will to down in history for being the biggest lieing priminister in history and for not keeping her word to leave on the 29th 12th ,if the deal is no good leave no deal we can always deal later when they come with the begging bowl to us cos they want us to keep buying from them, it wouldn't be long before they come cap in hand buy our cars lorrys buy our wines can we buy the steel from you what we don't know how to make but you do. if the eu screw us BUY BRITISH MAKE DO AND MEND IS WHAT MADE US GREAT BEFORE AND WILL AGAIN.
bob rail
Straight away deflecting the limelight this treacherous traitor should be getting to another so called headline the woman is a vile treacherous piece of 💩💩💩 shit
Mark Green
Corbyn should surely be aware that owen and minor already operate in Britain
Spongecake Squareshoes
*Traitor* May
Deca Namwob
31st of October/ Halloween ! Dam close to bonfire night.
So there's a strange date for this in my opinion but in the meantime let's see what happens when we have European elections.
Old Skool Bodybuilding Routines
Brexshit? Can’t be done.
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MPs debate Brexit impasse - LIVE Theresa May is about to make a statement 2 days ago   2:40:51

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