Labour NEC rejects calls for referendum The UK’s ‘man at the EU’ on the Brexit 1 day ago   11:10

Channel 4 News
The Labour Party's Brexit policy for next month's European Elections will be to back a second Brexit referendum only if it can't get the changes it wants to Theresa May's deal - or a General Election. (Subscribe:

The policy was decided in a five hour meeting of Labour's ruling body - the National Executive Committee. Remainers in the party had wanted Jeremy Corbyn to agree to hold a referendum on any deal, in all circumstances.


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Note the interviewer gets in the poor peasants outside of London don't understand the issues.
We understand the reasons we want to leave the EU far better than the lies, deception, diversions and stacked up crystal ball gazing and tea leaf reading Channel 4 News and others like to do about the future.

Start by reading this, which graced the desk of Ted Heath himself at No 10, and sits in the Kew National Archives and was kept there "secret" for 40 years until we could get access to it (though understandably not well publicised AT ALL when that happened either).

I don't support sedition and I certainly do not support treason attempts either, and that has been known ALL ALONG. What REALLY angers me is that Parliament are attempting collectively to carry on the EU tradition and precedent of OVERTURNING or IGNORING the will of the people every time a referendum is called, which is anti-democratic and nothing else can be said about it if you have honesty and integrity. And now, I sincerely hope the Brexit Party and others - no matter how long it takes - punish the career parties in parliament severely by the electorate to oust them if necessary. It is time they learned the people are the bosses, not them.

Get your copy below, read it... It is genuine, and reflects the analysis of the Whitehall machine. and please demonstrate ONCE in any manifesto, election campaign, or any other party information where the people have been ASKED if we consent to selling our independence, legal supremacy, parliamentary sovereignty and self determination down the river please?
Jared Walsh
Brexit party 2019.
Bryan E Mac Innes
did the people know that they were being asked for a deal in the referendum? 48% 52% is not a result!
Kevin Rodgers
Mariam Yacoub
I am conducting a study examining the impact of social media on Brexit. I need your participation. Thank you in advance.
I will never vote Labour again in my life -NEVER!
John Luther
Your rights and freedoms gone
John Luther
Sack remainers or be forever be in chains brits
John Luther
Tories and labour remainers need to be sacked so the vote the foundation of democracy can live for you brits it sack remainers or f o revert be in chains your den I crack lost your Magna Carter gone your rights and freedoms gone
John Luther
Remainers will say to voters I will honor you then vote the way they want lie to you.
Ian Howe
FFS What are labour ? Thick,Stupid or Ignorant. Are they on another planet. This is how democracy works. You have a vote and then you abide by the outcome of that vote. Simple !!! " Nobody or any MP has a right to alter ANYTHING after a vote. So lets say you inform the nation that they have a choice to remain or leave the UK (to leave would mean leaving the single market/ Customs Union etc) So the vote was made to "leave"...WHY HAVENT WE. Every single politician so have collected their P45 by now. Because they have NOT abided by the will of the people.
While we are on the Subject of referendums. The first has not been honored so whats the point of a second ? Why not have a third or a fourth until the outcome suits remaininers.
Davy Tornado
It's just sad that the British people have become so pathetic, they are too scared to let go mummys hand and step out on their own.
This is an apt warning to Norway and Switzerland who may have been considering full membership.
Once you're suckered in, you're a prisoner and never allowed to leave again.
Barry Gardiner, what a toady sychophantic douche bag
Kevin Clark
referendum joke
Miki Dewberry
might as well do a deal with a piranha while you go for a dip
Darren Weston
Labour support terrism, & marxism! Honestly...
Corbyn wants to force you to think the way he decides you should think!
He wants to sack hard workers so he can have equal amounts of people in jobs... So no 1 earns their place in their jobs no more... It don't matter you trained and worked harder, he needs 50% women in that job so you can't have it!

Evil man
Russian Troll so Im told
I wonder when Corbyn will make up his mind, whose side he is on?

As Karl Marx said to the First International back in 1867, “in order to oppose their workers, the employers either bring in workers from abroad or else transfer manufacture to countries where there is a cheap labour force.”
Gardiners tie is making it all only worse. Oh, sweet end-times.
Stuart Menzies Farrant
vote Brexit party- vote for democracy on the 23rd May.
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The UK’s ‘man at the EU’ on the Brexit Labour NEC rejects calls for referendum 1 day ago   30:17

In Gary Gibbon’s latest Politics: Where Next podcast, he talks to Sir Ivan Rogers - formerly our man at the EU. He was the British diplomatic service’s top EU expert - let go effectively by Theresa May just as the Brexit negotiations were getting under way. (Subscribe:

Sir Ivan Rogers served as the UK Representative to the EU under David Cameron and Theresa May. He resigned in January 2017 - it’s been said he sensed his advice wasn't wanted.


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