'I don't do cover-ups': President Trump Chuck Schumer: What happened 2 days ago   12:33

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President Donald Trump gives a press conference in the White House Rose Garden, where he addressed the ongoing investigations into his presidency and rising talk of impeachment.

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Felix Vasquez
MAGA 2020!!
Mike Awram
Trump 2020
LMAO! The dude's whole life is a coverup!
Rafael Quinones
I always knew the Democrats are the cancer of the world...hope their party DISINTAGRATES!!!! THE SOONER THE BETTER!!!! Let them die!!💀
Rafael Quinones
I'm Hispanic... BORN HERE...I voted for TRUMP and I'll be damnbed if anyone else wins the next presedential election...He had my vote then and he will have my vote,AGAIN!!!!😎
Christine Sage
I Love my President!
None of you LEFTS are smart enough to continue posting. Too dumb to live in America or anywhere. Trying to correct all the false information out there, is a job all by itself. I love my president TRUMP. WWW.MAGAPILL.COM You all sos..stuck on stupid.
Troy Boulware
Donald Trump is a embarrassing disgrace
311 Man
God has forsaken his obnoxious selfish greed
The president is nuttier than a squirrel turd.
Jason Boggs
Imagine if Nancy "Squirt Bottle" Pelosi had to deal with this every morning???? LOL!
Ikron Alexander
Guy sounds like drunk skunk
Ikron Alexander
"Things are going wellll"
Barbara Howard
If this seriously does not convince the people in our country that this guy is not fit for office, then nothing will! Has any other President in our history ever attacked our democracy in this temper tantrum?
Thanks for working on infrastructure.
Ross Larsen
The most transparent president in the history of our country
Eric Lee
Best president we've had. Love Trump. The dems are involved in a cover up. A cover up of their coup attempt on the united states president. They are traitors and should be imprisoned.
gavin clarke
America you are embarrassing yourselves by voting for this guy
arthur taylor
I bet Colbert makes everyone who works on his show vote for Trump next year.
Jack smith
Clinton won 7 guaranteed Blue states plus DC for 157 electoral college votes and then over 86% of the nation Trump won 30 states to 13 and 306 electoral college votes to 75 with over 4 million more votes. Trump kicked her ass!
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Chuck Schumer: What happened 'I don't do cover-ups': President Trump 2 days ago   08:10

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speak out after President Trump halted infrastructure policy negotiations and held an impromptu speech where he said he won't work with Democratic leaders.

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