Watch Leo Varadkar and Michel Barnier Brexit: What Britain Wants, 1 day ago   08:30

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john o neill
Get out of ireland take unelected star spangled flag and shove it up ur arse.the people will prevail.who is this man?who voted for him?we dont want the eu to stand behind us. Welcome the eec,ha
john o neill
Irelands preceptes are out of dictatatership eu. Give it back to its people and dont mess with it.
Frank O'Brien
I wouldn't think Leo is too worried about Brexit anyway. It's not as if India will be in any way effected.
UKIP will fettle them
Leo Varadkar is a Globalists bitch of the EU cabal......!!!!
An Irish man over seeing the destruction of the Irish under his watch..... satanic Globalists puppet....!!!
Etherious V
What is this 10fps
Tadhg O Brien Tour Guide
Ireland wants to stay in the EU. Britain wants out? But Britain wont leave without Ireland? Why not leave Ireland & the EU & begin a new independent friendship?
TheMadScotsman mckay
It's because of fucking Ireland that we STILL haven't left the E.U ............ we'll remember this when THEY need a favour one day.
John Bradley
Keep boycotting southern irish goods untill they get rid get rid of this shirtlifter
Tom Hulme
Being in the eu means accepting the 4 freedoms leaving the eu means rejecting them . Being in any of the 4 freedoms is remaining.
Kevin Dickerson
Fuck of EU I won't out of course they want us in a custom union they don't want us to leave no deal
Ron Burgundy1979
The Grandfather clock in Leinster House still plays rule Britannia at the top of the hour, every hour.... All they have to do is turn it on again.... Rejoin the British Commonwealth Ireland, we love you... Dublin was the 2nd City of the Empire but Varadkar is only a skid mark on the back of Michel Barniers toilet bowl... It's sad
The Short Session Angler
Funnily he is open to us remaining in the Customs Union, being in a CU iwithin the EU is one thing, being in the CU whilst not an eu member is quite another, almost bordering on absurd/suicidal.
Richard Barber
As Ireland buckle under the EU's Whims being forced to accept their ISIS brides and more migrants plus the costs of a hard border the elite with their empty promises ringing in your ears, your only choice is to field as many EMPs that will make your voice heard in the EU ParliamentYou are being fed "Project Fear" from the EU over the No Deal of the UK as a distraction from their evil acts that will be the stranglehold on Ireland
We left 29 March. Its law. Art 50 and the Lisbon Treaty and process for leaving. Imo
Good old Leo, he's shit scared that there will be NO DEAL.
Raglan Road
Sonja Voigt
Coming together is better than hate! Understanding takes time!
Mister Furious - Brexiteer

Behold, the enemies of Europe.
Mister Furious - Brexiteer
So here you can see who is in control of OUR BREXIT.

These people are OUR ENEMIES. Who the fuck put varadcar in charge of OUR DECISION TO LEAVE?
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Brexit: What Britain Wants, Watch Leo Varadkar and Michel Barnier 1 day ago   03:13

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