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Shocking video of the imminent economic collapse and the next Great Depression.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in recent months, and we just got some more really bad economic numbers.  Thanks to those bad numbers and an increasing amount of anxiety about the trade war, the Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed 900 points last week.  That means that we are on pace to potentially see the Dow crashing for a sixth week in a row, and that is something that hasn’t happened since the last economic crisis and stock market crash.

But right now investors are far more spooked about what is going on in the bond market.  According to Mish Shedlock, we haven’t seen this many yield curve inversions “since the start of the last economic collapse”… On Friday, US Treasury yields plunged at the mid to long end of the curve providing the most inversions since the start of the Great Recession. Recent data points suggest US earnings and economic risk is greater than most investors may think,” wrote Michael Wilson, the firm’s chief U.S. equity strategist.This is the biggest recession warning since 2007. In so many ways, what we are witnessing at this moment is very reminiscent of the conditions that prevailed just prior to the last financial collapse.

Back then, the economic numbers were definitely starting to slide, but most Americans didn’t think that we were heading toward the next major stock market crash and economic meltdown.  But those that understood what was happening were sounding the alarm, and the same thing is happening today.

A resolution to our trade war with China would be a huge economic boost in the short-term, but that is not likely to happen for the foreseeable future.  In fact, on Monday President Trump stated that he is “not ready” to make a deal with China. And the Chinese are clearly digging in as well.  The chief editor of the Global Times, Hu Xijin, has a very close relationship with top Chinese officials, and he just warned that China “is seriously considering restricting rare earth exports” to the United States. A deteriorating relationship with China is part of the scenario that we have been anticipating, and events are definitely starting to accelerate now. For most Americans, however, there is no reason to be concerned.  Most of us simply trust that our leaders in Washington have things under control and that everything will work out just fine somehow.
But if we do plunge into another deep economic crisis, many Americans will be in enormous trouble right away.  Just like last time around, most Americans are living on the edge financially.

And just like last time around, millions of Americans will be completely blind-sided by an economic train wreck that they didn’t see coming.

America is headed for a day of reckoning, and author Michael Snyder is sounding the alarm.  His novel about the future of America entitled "The Beginning Of The End" and his best-selling book about the end times entitled "The Rapture Verdict" are both available on

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Matthew Angelette
We only need rare earth metals to make “more” shit but honestly I’m just fine with the older shit I already have.
moccorron det
Tom Fury
We’ve already collapsed! As long as we have the most powerful military, we can keep printing money and disperse it all over the petro dollar centered world!
shahzad furic
Elite is planning to create unrest all over the world so they can introduce new system where they have more power over your lives. Bitcoin is part of the plan to test waters. Be smart!!!
shahzad furic
Fiat money will be valuable till all the world's govt continue to use it so buy valuable products with fiat money before it become dirt cheap or no value at all.
china can go fuck itself they need the usa more than the usa need them their great numbers and economi is mostly propaganda
Mark S
Pull your money out. Just when we're about to DOMINANT the world economy. No energy reliance full employment and rising wages.
Purple Rain
With dump in charge this will happen.
debra sanford
It's so sad. It's like a black fly in your Chardonnay.
Mister V
I work at tacobell!
so yea
What about the massive trade imbalances? Trump just wants China to buy as much from us as we buy from them.
It's like a Black cloud is over this country and it is with all that's happening
Carlos Victor
God bless our economy for we are the leaders of your vision new world
Rudolph Hernandez
Trump the orange asshole is a straight up fucking dumbass idiot! Fuck trump!
Charles Elliott
Ever hear the old adage " the shit is going to hit the fan"??? Well that shit pile is headed our way at any moment.....
James Stewart
We don't need any rare Earth elements right away that's not going to crush us that will not break us and I'm sure that we have enough left over and reserved anyway what a joke just because this guy has a freaking accent doesn't make him smart
Tim Knoles
Illegal Invaders that come to the USA illegally is why there's a problem and deportation desperately needs to happen all over the USA!
Lotus TT
Total BS. Extremely easy to predict the economy will slow...because it's so good right now. Repost in 2024 if Dems get into office.
Neal Thompson
I want the economy to collapse just so I can laugh at trumptards!
Emmett Mitcham
Fake news
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Warren Buffet’s Financial Crisis All Of The Economic Momentum Is Heading To Economic 1 day ago   04:02

When Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy ten years ago on Friday, the question on everyone’s minds was simple: “Who’s next?”

If a pillar of Wall Street worth hundreds of billions of dollars just months before couldn’t be trusted with the public's money, then nowhere was safe. Panicked investors rushed for the door, banks refused to lend to each other, and money market funds began to collapse.

“I describe it as an economic Pearl Harbor,” Warren Buffett, the legendary investor of Berkshire Hathaway, told VICE News. “It was something we hadn’t seen before. Even the 1929 panic was nothing like this. I mean, the system stopped.“

Buffett had a front row seat to the global crisis even before the Bush Administration took up the struggle. He had been approached by Lehman’s CEO Dick Fuld for emergency capital earlier in the summer, and after it failed, he found himself courted by other teetering investment banks desperate for capital. His $5 billion investment in Goldman Sachs saved the firm, and netted him billions.

He credits the Bush administration, led by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, with helping to prevent a second Great Depression. “When they realized the gravity of what was happening, we were having a run on the United States, maybe a run on the world, they stepped up,” Buffett said.

He’s not convinced, however, that the financial community's takeaway from its brush with financial Armageddon will prevent future disaster. “Humans will continue to behave foolishly and sometimes en masse. And that doesn’t change. We get smarter but we don’t get wiser," Buffett said.

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