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Hayley B
One billion people rely on fish as an important source of protein. - WWF

An international group of ecologists and economists warned that the world will run out of seafood by 2048 - Washington Post

The looming collapse of fisheries threatens the most important source of food for 250 million people. - The Earth's Carrying Capacity - Bruce Sundquist

According to the UNFAO, about 70 per cent of our global fisheries are now being fished close to, already at, or beyond their capacity. - The Earth's Carrying Capacity - Bruce Sundquist

As many as 90 per cent of all the ocean's large fish have been fished out. - WWF

one per cent of the world's Industrial fishing fleets account for 50 per cent of the world's catches. - CNN

Government subsidies of over $15 billion a year play a major role in creating the worlds fishing fleets.- WWF

The global fishing fleets are 250 per cent larger than the oceans can sustainably support.- WWF

Only 0.6 per cent of the worlds oceans are designated as protected.- WWF

A Greenpeace report states that 40 per cent of the worlds oceans should be placed in nature reserves. - MSNBC

In 2004, 13,000 new marine species were discovered, according to the Census of Marine Life. - Census of Marine Life

Japan has caught $6 billion worth of illegal Southern Bluefin tuna over the past 20 years. - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Over the past 50 years World consumption of tuna has increased tenfold, from 0.4 million to over 4 million tonnes. - Environmental Justice Foundation

In 2000 tuna long liners set 1.2 billion hooks catching untold number of turtles, seabirds and sharks. - WWF

Fifteen species of sharks have seen their numbers drop by 50 per cent in the last 20 years. - National Geographic

Illegal fishing is worth up to $9 billion a year. - Illegal Fishing.info

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Mikhail Denshchkov
People dont care about over fishing just because that means more money for them but they dont think about the extinction of fish and their consequences they dont think if they would rather swim in slime or be rich.Thats just like littering me and my family are divers and when we see trash in the water we imediatly take it out cause if turtles or fish swallow them their stomachs are getting full of plastic . On sakhalin whales eat plastic because of polution their they feel hungry when their stomachs are full so they cant eat they eventually stave to death and wash up on shore.
g a
scary...I hope people see the importance of reducing their fish & animal product intake, or best yet go Vegan, it's not difficult to get your nutrient requirements at all, even for epa & dha there are algae based supplements. veganhealth.org is a great site which provides plant based sources of nutrients.
Satang Year 5
Why this happenings
Go vegan you heathens
Lady Hawk
The number of humans has risen expedentally even since I was young. It is the darker races and ,polygamist type religions that breed out of control and unchecked.
Humans are wrecking this planet. It isn't even that humans are living longer as it is the infant mortality is down and retarded and deformed babies are allowed to live. I believe people are kept alive long enough to bleed them of their finances in these times , once in the medical system.

The increase in population and traveling sportsmen even in our very modestly populated area is a threat to our wildlife and fishing resources. Game and fish are not as plentiful as it once was. I would rather live longer with fewer humans on this Earth , than trying to survive amongst the hoarded masses. The number of humans must be kept in check. And I would give anything to be part of that one percent.
Rest in Peace
Dear all de peoples out there:
Jett Swaffer
Amazing video. Really helped me.
the oceans going to effect us too, if oceans turn into slime then we got no water, see we run out of everything we're running out of i forgot oil? because of plastic
People dont change when they see the light, but when they feel the heat.
James Ortiz
creepy realy creepy
James Ortiz
dod miri
i feel shame I'm human
Erik Renteria
This is good
Wish Washer
Good video but the test is a bit fast for me.
Cero Matala
It's mostly the shit poor countries that rely on major commercial fishing that are over-fishing.
Amber Zawrotny
This is so great! Do you think I could link this into my website I'm trying to make to raise awareness on overfishing? I'd obviously give you full credit!
Mage Magic
This is an amazing video! I love the information! It was just what I was looking for thanks!
jacob warm
This video is boof
Ari. Mon
This is disturbing: Instead of donating to save sea creatures and other endangered species, we are spending them on fancy cars and other delicacies. We bring disaster to nature/
Bryn Miller
Humans will bring their own downfall because of greed and overpopulation. I give our species 100 years max.
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Overfishing - Revolution World Issue Overfishing - The consequences 2 months ago   08:55

An in-depth look at overfishing with world-renowned scientist Boris Worm, Ecology Action Centre's Mark Butler and WildAid's Peter Knights, narrated by Rob Stewart, Director of the film Revolution.

As a dominant predator in the oceans for over 450 million years, sharks control marine ecosystems by keeping other populations in check. Due to an increasing demand for shark fin soup, overfishing has caused a collapse in global shark populations by over ninety percent. Every year, between 70 and 100 million sharks are removed from the oceans. But it's not just shark populations that are in jeopardy. Fish are the main protein source for one third of the world's population, but as much as forty billion pounds of fish is discarded as bycatch at sea every year. As a result of global overfishing, pollution and ocean acidification, all large fish and mammal populations in the oceans have declined by up to ninety percent. If these trends continue, scientists and the UN predict that the world's fisheries will collapse by 2048.