SADHGURU: Take Care of Yourself Why Do Parents Worry So Much About 1 day ago   07:52

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SADHGURU: Take Care of Yourself (Eye Opening Speech)

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Vaishnavi Vishnu
Thank you Sadhguru .whenever I get depressed your speeches inspires to rejuvenate myself.
Anjan Panta
Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely- Buddha
wonder woman
Thank you my dear..
.my life is changing with your words of wisdom!
Sabrina Sheriff
Never ever thought of it this way thank u sadhguru
truth hurts
We are all here to help others and if you see wrong happening do something that's where you separate the evil from the good there's empaths that feel everything and narrsisit that feel nothing
dobi minarikova
🙌🏼 Sadghuru you are an inspiration!!
Banu shankar
When god speaks I just shut up
David Warfel
Bob Marley said it in Redemption Song: "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds."
Dil_saala Pagal hai
Life changing words🙏
Priya Kulkarni
Hope you guys have enough brain cells to listen to this and understand deeper meaning of this video and Hope some one translates this video speech in all Indian languages.
Nupur Pandey
Sadhguru= my life guru
Jack Ma = my professional guru
Suresh Kumar
🙏namaskaram Sadhguru 🌹🍃🌺🌱🌸🌱🌼🍃🙏
Plz it send to Kannada translation
Rama Devi Damarakonda
Telugu dabbing Please
aar kay
Its so heart touching. But human being is at the mercy of others since birth. He can't even decide to end this life😊. Its easy to talk about not being salve of others but strengthening innerself is a big and constant challenge. May be awareness will help🙏
Radha Krishna
I am hapless detached observer...
I don't know who the hell I am..
What ever happens, just happens...
Topologically I don't know what is inside or outside...
I am happy because I am ignorant we all need to explore we all need to explore..., life is a journey
Toyhome .in
k. k
🙏nice... Nowadays I am in frustration... Lots of things in my mind... I am a helpless... Dusra koi jimmedar Nahi hai mai khud hi hu.. study, job Ghar Ka Kam bachhe ,, in sabase pareshan hu.... Kisko bolane Ka bhi man Nahi karata hai.... Itana mannn me chal raha hai ki bar bar marane Ka vichar aata hai... Par bachho ko Dekh Kar. Housala badhathi hu.... Kisako bhi bata Nahi pati ye bat.... Aaj is madhyam se vo at least bahar to nikali hai... Plz help me... Kaise solve karu meri problem... Need help.. ab to confidence bhi pura down ho Gaya hai.... Bahut Kuch karana hai par eak bhi bat thik se Kar Nahi pa rahi hu... Kisako preferance du samaj Nahi aa raha hai...
satya ranjan
Ohhhhh myyyy gooood
RD Bhatta
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Why Do Parents Worry So Much About SADHGURU: Take Care of Yourself 1 day ago   11:56

Sadhguru answers a nine-year-old girl’s question on why parents worry and become so tense about their children’s future.


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