SADHGURU: Take Care of Yourself Sadhguru's Brilliant Answer on Why Meditation 1 day ago   07:52

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SADHGURU: Take Care of Yourself (Eye Opening Speech)

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Rajendra Waghamare
Your Questions Answer will you
Can get by Reading out the our
Because DR Babasaheb Ambedkar
Clearly Written in the Indian Constitution that
It's up to you Whether you Call
Jaibhim JaiBuddha Jaimulniwasi
Blessed life
Waheguru Satnam 🙏
Alfi Singh
Beautiful 😇🌸
Outward and inward, this is what we know. But some day we will not know this too. That is enlightenment.... Wah
Kweera Nuwahabwa
Ohh my God I find Sadhguru so interesting. Bless the world more man if God.
Lots of love sadhguru speak wisdom
Manjula R
Namaskaram Sadhguru
venki reddy
Thank You, My Guru
Obikumar kumar
This speech changed me
Anjani Sri
Super speech sadhguru sir your speeches really motivate youth and make India ruled by youth
srishti singh
Love it.
TEM 14
Sobering speech
AKM Always Keep Moving
I am everyone! We are all the same energy once you kill your ego!!
Just Return to your True inner self as Eternal Spirit thats all you have to do....that is the purpose and temptation of the physical life. Meditation is the Way . know thyself as eternal spirt means to EXPERIENCE YOURSELF AS ETERNAL SPIRIT.That is the goal, that is the purpose of life. That is the test of life you you want to RETUN to your own true nature as Eternsl Spirit or do you want to play and get lost and trapped in the physicsl realm?????? .
Romina Vella
We are all ready slaves from long time ago anunaki and arcons
Amrutesh Durga
Shira Sashtanga Namaskaras to Guruji. I am getting trained as to how to think, what is life, what's purpose of my life etc due to his videos. One of my daily routine is to watch his video/(s) and try to adopt in life.
Yarri Swmy
hey guys don't the West time please we have lurning the English your self-esteem achieve the goals I've been everyday watching the Sadhguru videos exlent speech but one thing guys don't miss you videos but you have see the videos your life changing anything any kind of your life solutions is a part of life don't carlessssss
Luna sea
mind blowing
Guys please think, Sadhguru is telling the students that we should not be under slavery, we have to think about ourselves.

Now think, isn't he stating any rules and regulations for his students in his Ashramam. Aren't the students following what he says. Isn't that slavery according to his dictionary? Some if the children in his Ashramam have left their parents and joined the Ashramam for themselves where the parents are unhappy their children have left without thinking that when the parents grow old, what will happen.

Sadhguru is saying that if your close family members who is near to you, gives you restriction on your lifestyle we should not follow, but if this Sadhguru states any restrictions for those in the Ashramam is acceptable. Don't fall for his tricks. Thinking about our own self is needed in life, but not for 24/7.

We also have to give thoughts for others, priorities to our parents and to our closed ones.

You people in the Ashramam are giving attention to this Sadhguru who is no one to you, but not your parents.

Hope the people in the Ashramam, get out of that place and go back to your family.
Muthu Ramalingam
Pity that we waste time listening to these" vyaabaarees."
You and I can speak like this or better if we decide to make it a money making proposition.
Your life is your own teacher.
There is a lot of conflict between ideals and actuals. Our experience and factors around us will teach us the best .
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Sadhguru's Brilliant Answer on Why Meditation SADHGURU: Take Care of Yourself 1 day ago   08:02

This is a question that has troubled, all the meditation practitioner at least once more. In this video, a man asks Sadhguru "I have tried a lot meditation practices but nothing has worked for me." And then Sadhguru answers him with his profound clarity and his answer is really very insightful and on point. This could be very helpful for everyone who practices yoga or meditation. Also, share the video with your loved ones.
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