How mass tourism is destroying cities Skift Lens: Barcelona and 21st 1 day ago   03:47

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Tourism has grown exponentially over the past few decades, but what effect is it having on some of the world's most beautiful cities? We break down four major ways cities are being impacted by mass tourism.
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There should be a lottery to be able to visit places.
Nad Entertainment
This is so sad. Due to tourism, Prague has now SUPER EXPENSIVE stuff :(
Sill Idill
I live in Sweden. I have never been outside of Europe. I have only been to Denmark and The Netherlands. For some reason I have never been interested in the whole tourism thing. You don't really get to know the country you are visiting very well imo. I don't own a smartphone and I don't use social media such as Facebook and Instagram because I don't want to be a sheep like the rest of the herd. I like to think for myself.
Elaine Evans
Mass tourism is helping these cities' economies.
Chantell Champange
Rachit Bhandari
Can someone now prove me how THANOS was wrong for what he did!??
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Kevin González
Most people think that this is related to immigration.
Califonia had 250 million visitors in a year, for comparison we have 35 million people living in the state.
Tourists travelling by plane to get to these places may be paying for chemtrails sprayed from planes. Look up chemtrails - or better still, watch skies daily. Be aware of what is going on.
If only thanos snapped his fingers.
South Indian
Yes, British people damaged india for 300 yrs
so? increase prices, lower demand
Leon Heart
Turkey should also be careful about this, the number of tourists is increasing very quickly, it is over 40 millions for this year and it is already considered as a new record, the best thing to do is try to attract tourist in other parts of Turkey not only the south ( Bodrum/Antalya) and Istanbul.
Hopefully tourists will now look to visit some unique locations rather than just visiting the same cities as everyone else
King Killerstripe
And by tourists you mean loud,foul mouthed and rude Americans that's a code word for tourists
Phosphorus Pent-Oxide
The worst tourist are americans
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Skift Lens: Barcelona and 21st How mass tourism is destroying cities 1 day ago   09:36

In Skift’s inaugural Skift Lens documentary, we explore the impact of overtourism in one of the world’s most popular destinations: Barcelona.