STORM INBOUND! Where should Bavaria OPEN 40 "5-Minute Walkthrough 1 day ago   14:28

Sailing La Vagabonde
Yep. We have 40 knots of wind headed our way! Bad weather is inbound. We sail to a protected anchorage for a few days. It's like the Greek Meltemi wind all over again.. hopefully this time we don't get tangled up with another boat and drift out to sea 😱🙈 who remembers that? Join our Crew of Patrons and help keep the videos coming. We appreciate it bucket loads! THANK YOU.

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00:00 Harrison Storm - Run (Instrumental) -
02:32 City Lights - Lachlan Ross - www.
06:48 Siren's Sky - Along the Beachline -

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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Sailing La Vagabonde
We hope these videos give you a realistic feel for life on the water. If you would like to support our production and become part of the crew, head over to our Patreon page for merch, live Q&A videos and preview future episodes: Thank you! Love Elay, Riles & Lenny xo
bonnie a
im not much of a human,  I do the best I can with the damage thats been done to me, I love being able to just be you for a while...thanks
Cole Hembree
I wish I could just buy a boat and sail the world with my wife like this. Maybe get a castaway or two of our own as well... Maybe one day
Parke Taylor
Hope you guys leave before hurricane season really picks up.
Diana Olson
Love the history of the places you visit!
Oliver Nanetti
I just had my own baby today been watching these videos. Its awesome you guys have these adventures together I work in the New York city 6 days a week. It's amazing you guys are together like are always close. Best wishes stay safe out there whever you are.
I have been obsessed with watching y’all the past couple days. Much love!
fill out soup with lentils or chickpeas :)
Roman Gillund
It will be nice to see you sail the east coast! If you get around CT give me a shout.. It would be fun to meet up and my daughter would love to play with Lenny.
Fiona Durkin
Wish you guys would sail the Great Lakes.
Sandra Hebert
Y’all may have changed my life, only time will tell. :) Adventure Awaits
Lenny has male pattern baldness!
Sierra Gray
I was just thinking to myself hmm I wonder if they'd ever come up towards Connecticut then she goes after that we're going to sail up to new York maybe as far as Maine and I'm like welp... That was perfect timing 😂
Natalie Nelson
Lenny has such an awesome little life. How are you guys going to handle when he goes mobile and starts toddling? I imagine him wearing a floaty suit 24/7, lol.
So blessed to be able to live life out on the water awesome
Stella Kitzweger
So happy to have discovered your channel! Watching your videos almost feels like sailing around the world myself.
Elayna losing her Aussie accent again hahaha
Greg Ostridge
Hi guys... I've only just found you.. omg what an awesome life/family... lenny has awesome parents and an amazing life.. love your style.. going to binge watch haha I moved from the uk to the canary islands so I love an adventure
Sharolyn Alovera
I’m guessing your gear doesn’t last too long with sea air. Do you have climate control refrig.?? Protect your gear?
Scott Parrington
Lenny one young ginger prince
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Bavaria OPEN 40 "5-Minute Walkthrough STORM INBOUND! Where should 1 day ago   04:32

filmed at the Annapolis boat show 2018