Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting Tesla Electric Car Autonomy Day with 1 day ago   1:54:26


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why cancel the M3 Long Range RWD? my employees all had to cancel their orders. AWD is outside of budget.
Marcin Rybarczyk
Build Gigafactory in Poland, cheep, good quality, lot of space too choose.
Why would you buy any other car if you have the money?
Ty coon
PETA can take their marketing efforts and shove them
Julian Rae
Ford is getting nervous
Gen 4
The only feasible way these electric vehicles will work is with swappable batteries. Same with the fleet trucks. You pull up to a bay and your battery is swapped out with a fresh fully charged one. In and out. You're welcome, Elon, for the billion dollar solution from yours truly. The bay would optimally charge and maintain the batteries, guaranteeing maximum life and performance .
Star Warsman
i want to see the truck
Oliver Pigot
Elon for president 2020!
Ervin Nemesszeghy
37% of Tesla stocks are shorted. Let them pay directly to Tesla shareholders. Tesla should start paying dividends. It is much harder to short a dividend paying stock, because then they also would need to pay the dividends to the lender of the stock. Imagine for 37% of Tesla stocks the Short-sellers would be responsible paying the dividends .. Tesla could say that to combat the "shorts", they would start paying dividends until or beyond the "shorts" give up. ... . What do you think ?
Ervin Nemesszeghy
I have an idea for the location of the European Giga-factory. What about Hungary ? They are already manufacturing cars. Does Tesla consider Hungary ?
Guram Chaganava
tezlea iz rthe awolrdxaz cummpany vevrrrrrr fak iu
BeAn BeAn
Who is this Lux Feeliday guy?
BeAn BeAn
Just ask your damn questions damn
Austin Michael
I love these people who just need to feel important. No shit you are a shareholder; it's a shareholder meeting you dumbshit. Oh and that second guy, you want a second factory in China? Give us the money and the third guy. We get it bro you work in the industry. These people are cringe as fuck.
Luci Pi Ahso
The 2020 Roadster is going to be the fastest production car right???? Please get supercar blondie to test drive it!!!! https://ai-tube.com/videoai/3gRruEzyZjx
1:19:37 ideal circumstance
BeAn BeAn
Tesla factory in Antarctica confirmed.
BeAn BeAn
JB is so damn cool man
Yeesh. PETA so annoying
I advise yall to get your shares while Tesla still in the 200s haha
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Tesla Electric Car Autonomy Day with Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting 1 day ago   2:39:29

Tesla Electric Car Elon Musk with Chart Live in 4K. Too much web traffic has made streaming through the Tesla site crash so I am streaming in an effort to reduce site crashing. I've enabled chat as well which has been fun for the community.