Donald Trump speaks at police How APC "Rigged" Osun Election; Cameroon 1 day ago   35:35

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Mark Havefaith
Trump supporting getting back to basics in policing. Law and justice. How refreshing. The leadership of the force must at last be glad of a no nonsense approach where they have full support. As with everything else Trump will act to support policing where he can, not just talk about it. The safety of American citizens has been in his rhetoric for a long time now.
I'm Just Saying
Stop and Frisk Billionaires and Corrupt Politicians.
When all you do is Glorify the Police and Use Fear to strip people's rights away, *We don't consider this a Democracy.*
heavy investment in jailing and policing is not a sign of a healthy society. This President is an embarrassment and so are your trigger happy community alienating cops.
Rylee Smith Jai
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How APC "Rigged" Osun Election; Cameroon Donald Trump speaks at police 1 day ago   19:53

PDP governorship candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke, challenges Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over 'stolen mandate' in recent Osun State election.

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Ugandan police arrest 24 red table clothes.

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