Donald Trump steps into Trump's Shocking Body Language 2 days ago   02:16

The Independent
Donald Trump has become the first sitting US president to enter North Korea, stepping over from the DMZ to shake hands with Kim Jong-un.

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This has to one of his most major accomplishments. Detente with North Korea
Dave Hill
I don't think alot of people realize the risk President Trump faced with this jesture/action. Kim could have declared it an invasion by the US, they could have declared him a prisoner of war(Since we are still at war with the DPRK) People can say whatever thet want but my hat off to our President, that took heart and a desire for peace.
Mr Money
You would have never seen Osama Obama going to North Korea he don't have the balls, Michael has the balls in the family and Osama we all know he's a pussy
The Gamers Of The Apocalypse Fire
I wish all the cameras would shut the hell up, I want to hear what they said
Susanne Blankenship
17 steps
John McVey
The mainstream media do everything they can to discredit Trump but the people are smarter than the media think. George Soros go to hell.
nunyo biznez
Blond white man harasses asian president
Daniel Fernandez
My guy walked into North Korea, took some pictures, and dipped. Legendary 🔥
Speeding Atheist
Isn't it ironic that only your video about Trump gets significant views? All the rest of your garbage videos get the views they deserve. Funny. Oh, please go broke, m'kay?
Rich Smith
Peace is the prize.
The Vinmeister
He’s building trust; something no US president has ever established with NK.
Christopher Kocincki
My President has to carry his balls in a wheel barrow. #Trump2020
John Meyers
Obama looked at the DMZ through binoculars behind bullet proof glass from 5 miles away.
Squire Muldoon
I wanted to give myself cancer so i came to this video just to read the comments, thank you comments.
Rutger MacDonald
I am definitely not a Trump supporter, but I do admire this action by a United States President. As one of the last of the Cold War veterans, I wish we would’ve done this a long time ago.
Although I dislike my president, I am very happy that he is at least sane enough to try and establish peace talks, even if it is just to get clout
Steve Shepherd
That's one small step for a President, one giant leap for international relations.
Robot Rabbit
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.
Mac Alton
This is beautiful
Korean Boy Woogie
I interviewed British people reacting to Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Please feel free to visit my channel and see their reaction!
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Trump's Shocking Body Language Donald Trump steps into 2 days ago   05:05

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President Donald Trump became the first sitting, US President to ever step into North Korea.

Yesterday, he met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un for a handshake and quick chat.

During their short meeting, Donald Trump displayed some interesting body language. In this video, social coach Barron Cruz will analyze Un's body language and explain what was really going on between the two.

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