Economic Growth and LRAS- Macro Economic Growth in the Short-run and Long-run 3 months ago   02:59

Jacob Clifford
In this video I show how LRAS can shift causing economic growth. Keep in mind that a changing in consumption or government spending doesn't lead to more output in the long run if there is not an increase in capital. To permanently produce more output we need more investment in capital, tools, and machinery.

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nazia zaman
there's no body like this guy!
Sierra Esau
These videos are great
Juan Calderon
If interest rates go up, does that always mean that growth decreases, causing a triple-shift to the left?
Aymawet Merkit
3.13 is gone, help
Donny Xu
Save my ass all the time!! the best eco teacher
Puxin Sun
Why doesn't an increase in government spending leads to more machineries and economic growth? I think the government can improve the infrastructure and stuffs like that to increase overall productivity which may also lead to a shift in long-run supply curve?
Tami Montoya
Very helpful and he adds clarity to an otherwise confusing subject, Thank you! (But you speak very, very fast!)
Mathu Sathesh
sir please speak a little slower you are going to fast which is quite difficult to understand . i hope you take this into consideration next time .thank you
Xander G
Thank very much
Rushi L
"you're my God!"
Adam Wendt
u a real bro
Izzy Bonito
The bonus part was very helpful!
J igwe
this guys a rockstar
Kona Abhi
Why does mr.cliff reply only to the comments posted by girls
Ans:he's a hunter
Kristie Vastey
God bless you
Filippos Gerasopoulos
I got the packet from my friend and gave it to more people for free #finesselyfe
Scarlet Mercedes
Sigh i been confused the whole semester w this economics class 🤔
A aref
thank you Mr Clifford
Thanks Mr. Clifford!
SeaBass Gorka
Why no talk of consumer spending?
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Economic Growth in the Short-run and Long-run Economic Growth and LRAS- Macro 3 months ago   15:18

In this lesson we'll have a close look at two different types of economic growth: short-run "actual" growth and long-run "potential" growth. We'll illustrate the two types of growth in both a PPC and an AD/AS model and discuss the sources of economic growth.

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