Why The Undertaker Is Furious At Goldberg After 5 giants Goldberg lifted: WWE List 1 day ago   10:52

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Tensions spill over in Saudi Arabia.

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Track Grooves
People in the comments section probably are going to kill me, but, I am a big taker and Goldberg fan, so I hope taker FINALLY retires after his match at extreme rules this Sunday.
Majid Ali
Where is the match ?
Carecão da Brazzers fazendo cosplay de Saitama
Agora além de ator de filmes também sou comentarista de wrestling.
Pedro Falcon
This match was garbage
my daddy
This old man still living his childhood... thinks wwe matches are real 😂😂😂
Undertaker: lockerroom leader

Goldberg: lockerroom bleeder
Brett Moore
Seeing Simon disappointed is almost as bad as seeing your own mother upset. He's such an upbeat dude.
This match was a just rubbish..
Sub Zippo
HOW SHOCKING! The worst wrestler to ever be a world champion did a horrible job and put another man's safety at risk!
Retro Lane
Any reaction is a good reaction in wrestling. Right now everyone is pulling vince and this match apart. WWE is still mainstream i feel. Even if ratings are dropping. Personally i love pro wrestling. WWE, AEW, its all talented people. If nothing else those in WWE are more talented to stay meaningful despite Vince's micromanagement.
Arup Guha
I completely agree with everything you said . this was the most disapointing match ever.
Nick Corvello
Jeez Simon, with that particular type of hoodies and those thick-rimmed sunglasses you're looking an awful lot like a hipster there. not sure what to think about this look but with how tough you are in surviving an encounter with Meng/Haku, you could get away with any outfit at this point.
Dipak Roy
Imagine both wrestled in hell in a cell match and both went to the roof and one gets thrown from the top just like Undertaker did to Mick folly.
Sk Vishal
I want Goldberg vs under taker rematch wats ur opinion reply mr
Philipos Brooks
Goldberg sucks
Binks Webelf
Oldberg & Eldertaker: Who Strokes Out First Mega-Match 2020
Why is he wrestling Goldberg because the Saudi people wanted the dream match and they paid for the show.
Captain Cartman
#1. You can't expect to put two guys in their 50's in 100 degree weather and expect them to put on a 5 star match. They obviously got very tired very fast.
#2. Did I mention it was 100 degrees!? FFS WWE stop going to the middle east.
Remy Gray
There should be a legends championship belt and match that only occurs at wrestlemania!!! Taker can shine and retirees and fans can relive the nostalgia.
moonwalker 9705
The match was emblematic of the modern WWE product: A billion dollar, network of a botch.
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5 giants Goldberg lifted: WWE List Why The Undertaker Is Furious At Goldberg After 1 day ago   03:27

Goldberg is one of the strongest Superstars to lace up the boots, and here are five times the WWE Hall of Famer overpowered giants with his Jackhammer maneuver.
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