Year in review: Donald Trump's President Trump's Memorable Moments 4 months ago   02:43

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Global News took a look back at some of President Donald Trump's most talked about quotes in 2017. This includes Trump branding a news organization "fake news", saying there was "blame on both sides" in the Charlottesville protests and referring to Kim Jong Un as "rocketman."


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Dont be rude??? Lol
Nicholas Queen
Trump: pewayyyytorico
His wife: looks at him confused
Trump: We love pewayyyytorico
His wife:
Nicholas Queen
Put it on 1.25 speed for adhd trump
Henry L
I love Trump.
Steve Paul
I love this President.
rohan knight
It really is true that anyone can be President in America.
Big B Kenobi
"Puerto Rico"
P Cass
I will never understand trump supporters.
Alf Dlg
His supporters love him because he speaks his mind..... So did Hitler.
Lord Death
Russia collusion is a hoax and it’s over 🍻 🎉 🥳
And all of you dum dum liberal leftists believed it hahaha 😂
Yeah. I’ll vote for him again. He’s real. Obama was as fake as plastic. You would rather have Gretchen Weiners as president? No thanks. Next.
Jamesav0a avaLewis
Wow mean
Chris Gray
He clearly looks down on the poor @1:07 what a idiot.
Nalani Marie
I just dont want a poor person!!!
Alex Diaz
I hope he dies in office.
Ivor H
Watch on 0.5 speed for drunk Trump
mr random
I hate trump
Morris Cordova
And he supposed to be a president and commander-in-chief he’s a total jackass of the world
Maria Meister
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President Trump's Memorable Moments Year in review: Donald Trump's 4 months ago   14:25

Here we get to see some of Donald Trump's key points and stances in his hard fought political career. Hear Trump put America at rest by providing solid, logical arguments of how he can truly make America great again.