SMB FUN! 107 Hand signals for scuba divers 2 days ago   03:47

Tom Leach
A bit of SMB practice in the Red Sea!

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sean masri
Sometimes its really firm and erect. Other times it just flops around doing nothing. Sometimes it goes off too early. Other times you just cant release. Sometimes you need assistance to let go. Other times you just wanna be left in peace and finish it off on your own. Some people can do it with just their mouth. And others use an octopus. Weirdos.
Eddie Adventure
How embarrassing.
Schönes Video,
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107 Hand signals for scuba divers SMB FUN! 2 days ago   10:00

Underwater communication. It´s important for divers to know how to speak while being underwater. There are many different signs used all over the world that I have collected and showed you in this video.

You can find the graphic table of scuba hand signals on our website:

Please write your suggestions in the comments if you have some other signals to add to my collection.

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