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The BAD needs your help to make a new series of informative animations. You should help as the information given could save you from many a misadventure.
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BLG Studios
M'Games U.K ßßß
bad advice well be like america and thin the herd when it comes to peoples

you know make it so everybody can easily get their hands on guns and if somebody murders another person call it stand your ground and let them go so they can kill another person and thin the herd

i love your awesome videos and bad idea always reminds me of good idea bad idea
Megumin is top tier waifu
No Clickbait
Narwhals Narwhals swimming in the Ozean
Update: real talk, the amount of views this video has and the amount of support the fund has gotten is disappoint.
Ben Aaron
tristan digert
This is because they stopped making coke zero isn't it.
Thomas Bolinger
I can give you money credits, but can you assure me that the lampshade in my office is not, in fact, a sky leopard?
Yes, you can turn into a box
Jesus Christ! I got an ad for crowdfunding on this, lol
The Legendary ryujo6
I'm sorry, Weebl. I don't have money. Do you accept invisible currency?
That One Doggo
Still waiting for Russian Dancing Men Episode 4.
Phoenix Chastaine
I LOVE bad advice!!
Anywhere I can listen to the music in the video? You know, without the talking.
Andrew Taylor
Well worth supporting Proper British Institutions Like yourself Weeble
William Morse
I see...
midlifecrisi hates Google +
I always need more BAD advice.
1:10 Please tell me that's real
I will donate for the safety of the public, very vital to our survOUSEEYES.
Tom Murga
I'm just here for the mouse eyes
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Crowdfunding, explained by Exploding Kittens The Dangers Of Crowdfunding : BAD Advice 1 day ago   07:00

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