Lawmakers Yell On House Floor NJ congresswoman to Texas Rep.: 'You 1 day ago   04:12

NBC News
It was a chaotic scene on the House floor Thursday morning after an amendment to help protect LGBT people from discrimination failed by just one vote.
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Lawmakers Yell On House Floor Over LGBT Rights | NBC News

Comments 101 Comments

Gail English
We need a Muslim screaming Allah akbarrrrrrrr at the top of his lungs pressing madly on his cell phone
Sure looks like it passed to me 213 yes 212 no. What am I missing here?
Justin Higner
Ahh democracy 😳
I hate gays
so much plurality spreaded there haha. Poor USA
Manuel Morales
This is the most disgusting house in the nation. These worthless bunch of people do nothing but push regulations base on the consequences that they foster. This so that everyone will run into their perverted arms for safety. They have been nibbling away at our constitutional rights and now that they see we are waking up and so they are taking bigger chunks now. But this house of whores is about to be shaken to it core. Because they no longer represent the people as was intended. You don't have to believe me go to and see for yourself.
Zach Caccamo
What party does the guy objecting belong to? Is it that big of a deal that they can not just show in the records who changed their vote to satisfy this guy? And why are people in the background making noises? It sounds like a bunch of whining in the background. I’m so confused.
Jessica Reames
Can someone please make a Mr. Speaker remix? That would make my life
European Patriot
Daisy Doodle
When you spot a future senator. 0:23
Rodolfo Ayala
Cheaters Republicans.
Christian Kane
Click bait
Donna Elder
Democrat s I am praying to God about you! May the righteous prevail may prayer come back to USA ! May God move in the USA! May God be our Judge. And king!
Paul Thompson
This happened because Republicans are the biggest frauds that have ever existed! Absolutely repulsive and disgusting!!!
wget Desa
It is 'starting'
I don't know enough about this exact amendment......................

But this exchange spells out perfectly for me why we need to have fist fights on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Good thing I'm not in that room............they'd be able to hear me screaming out in the fuckin' parking lot.......)8^(
Jim Day
This is an example of why america is going down to the pits of hell.
Lady Dyxea
I think we need to do away with this government, and govern ourselves. We have rights, on the planet we are born on.
John barfneck
this has nothing to do with discrimination this has to do with lgbtqs  members  trying to get special rights and privileges above all other citizens as some sort of new race which they are not and never can be....and? gun laws are there to protect everyone including gun dealers...
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NJ congresswoman to Texas Rep.: 'You Lawmakers Yell On House Floor 1 day ago   01:26

New Jersey congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman is heard shouting at Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert after he asked FBI special agent Peter Strzok about whether he looked "so innocent" when he looked into his wife's eyes and lied about the affair with an FBI lawyer.