Senators debate Brett Kavanaugh's Brett Kavanaugh Has The Votes To Be Confirmed 1 day ago   1:03:21

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The was no limiting of scope. The FBI isn't an interrogation service. They look for facts are cooberation, neither of which were present in This case.
Nice guy..nice family...unlike the freaks protesting outside
Rethinking Religions
If SCOTUS or the states try to ban abortion based upon the belief that life begins at conception it is faith based (Bible based)belief they are relying on and not all believe the same, as one cannot  prove that at conception it is conscious or that it is equal to a bay outside the womb or a say 30 year old walking around. Others can believe that as with Adam life begins when fully formed, and as with Eve that life begins when fully formed outside of Adam and then combine both and say that life begins when fully formed and outside the mothers womb. Or one can have the faith based belief that life begins when the fetus is able to live outside its mothers womb. Point is, the courts cannot choose and pick one faith based belief over another.
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Brett Kavanaugh Has The Votes To Be Confirmed Senators debate Brett Kavanaugh's 1 day ago   02:45

Judge Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation battle appears to be nearing a conclusion as the Senate voted 51-49 to advance to a final vote tomorrow afternoon.
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Brett Kavanaugh Has The Votes To Be Confirmed To The Supreme Court | NBC Nightly News