Senators debate Brett Kavanaugh's Sen. Booker asks Kavanaugh 2 months ago   1:03:21

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The was no limiting of scope. The FBI isn't an interrogation service. They look for facts are cooberation, neither of which were present in This case.
Nice guy..nice family...unlike the freaks protesting outside
Rethinking Religions
If SCOTUS or the states try to ban abortion based upon the belief that life begins at conception it is faith based (Bible based)belief they are relying on and not all believe the same, as one cannot  prove that at conception it is conscious or that it is equal to a bay outside the womb or a say 30 year old walking around. Others can believe that as with Adam life begins when fully formed, and as with Eve that life begins when fully formed outside of Adam and then combine both and say that life begins when fully formed and outside the mothers womb. Or one can have the faith based belief that life begins when the fetus is able to live outside its mothers womb. Point is, the courts cannot choose and pick one faith based belief over another.
David Anthony
Brett Kavanaugh is part of the plan for Donald Trump to integrate Trumpism into our JUSTICE SYSTEM, making America in Putin's favor. We already know not to Trust Trump. We know enough to know if Brett Kavanaugh get's confirmed, America will be no more. Start learning to speak Russian and Chinese.
David Anthony
*Donald Trump limited the scope of the investigation to protect Brett Kavanaugh* This is something Vladmir Putin would do. Dictator control and false reporting. Since Donald Trump has become president, it's been nothing but drama. He refuses to do what is in the interest of all Americans. Donald Trump only cares to serve Vladmir Putin's interest. To divide and conquer America. To bring down the country form the inside. Donald Trump is Putin's trojan horse. America has acknowledge this over and over again. WE MUST INITIATE A CONTINGENCY TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE THAT OUR BLUE VOTE IS ALL WE HAVE WHEN DEALING WITH A HOSTILE TAKEOVER ~ OUR GOVERNMENT IS COMPLICIT ~ WHAT HAPPENED TO NATIONAL SECURITY [THE PATRIOT ACT], I GUESS IT DOESN'T PROTECT US FROM A CORRUPT GOP. - Take back the Senate.
Take back the House.
Return power to the people – where it belongs.
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Sen. Booker asks Kavanaugh Senators debate Brett Kavanaugh's 2 months ago   05:57

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