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Simple bookkeeping software for Landlords for up to 10 Rental properties. Keep track of all your personal and rental income and expenses and security deposits quickly and easily. Requires Microsoft Excel. Visit for a variety of bookkeeping ledgers for personal and small business, and real estate agent use.

Free Trial available at:

FOR an UNLIMITED number of rentals, checkout our PRO Expanded Ledger program for rentals at:

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kgomotso maema
Hi where can I get this spreadsheet .
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Excel Magic Trick #184: Accounting Software for Landlords up to 10 Rental 2 months ago   07:50

See how to create a simple database in Excel using the List or Table feature.
A simple database can be created in Excel using the Excel 2003 "List" feature or the Excel 2007 "Table" feature.
Fields names must be in first row (no blanks).
Records are in rows (no blanks).
Other data in the sheet cannot be next to the Table/List (at least one blank row or column between other data and the Table/List
Keyboard shortcuts: Excel 2003 List: Ctrl + L. Excel 2007 Table: Ctrl + T.
The ranges are dynamic: formulas, pivot tables, charts will all automatically update