Watch SpaceX launch their Star and Galaxy Formation in the Early 2 days ago   1:23:48

Everyday Astronaut
SpaceX and NASA are preparing the first test flight of SpaceX's Crew Dragon Capsule on top of a Falcon 9 rocket. This is our official launch live-stream!!! Let's hope we see this thing fly!

Need more info? Check out our Prelaunch Preview!


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Pasque Ocwe
Beautiful bellissima
Derwin Bell
Dracos and superdracos are hypergolic engines. Dracos produce 100 lbs of thrust and superdracos produce 16,000 lbs of thrust. “Hence the ‘super’”.
JConosaurus Rex
Im predicting it now. Elon has already recognized your passion and talent and hes soon going to hire you to help announce and interact with spacex audience.
Cihan Ekici
Yeeah, yeah! Yeaaaah. Baby? Yeaahh...
lightning strike at 44:29
Thrasha Productions
lol still remember seeing the landing
JbAon X
I have such a interest in that strange mach diamonds formation.
Everything you should know
Dick Fitswell
45:20-46:18. 0mph to 1000k/h
52:02-52:17 13,993k/h to 14,998kh
Almost a minute to do 1000k/h then 15 seconds to do 1000k/h
Pretty freaking awesome
Daniel Prado
Man, please make a video about the Brazilian rocket site that is now open to american companies. It can save up to 30% in fuel because of be closer to equator!
Money shot at 45:00 your welcome😁
You didn't shave for the occasion ? Please shave, douche bag.
Aeirial echols
I am a dragon
Aeirial echols
I am Jehovah son
Aeirial echols
God bless
Jaymond Bodine
I’d love an Everyday Astronaut video detailing the basics of how a rocket engine works.
Another Ronism
Hey EA. Early fan. Been subscribed forever. Gotta let you know I'm moving on. Just unsubscribed. Your shameless and constant self-promotion has become the theme of your videos and broadcasts and you have become ponderous and tedious. Bye.
Who noticed he has 2 different eye colors?????
dude!where are you?...did you miss the undocking and reentry or what?
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Star and Galaxy Formation in the Early Watch SpaceX launch their 2 days ago   00:00

We live in a universe that is full of bright objects. On a clear night one can see thousands of stars with the naked eye. These stars occupy merely a small nearby part of the Milky Way galaxy; telescopes reveal a much vaster realm that shines with the light from billions of galaxies. According to our current understanding of cosmology, however, the universe was featureless and dark for a long stretch of its early history. The first stars did not appear until perhaps 100 million years after the big bang, and nearly a billion years passed before galaxies proliferated across the cosmos. Astronomers have long wondered: How did this dramatic transition from darkness to light come about?