LiL MoCo - STARTED FROM THE BORDER LiL MoCo - "POLICIA CAN'T HOLD 2 months ago   05:25

Lil Moco
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2019 anyone?
Alex Kham
This gonna be on Timothy playlist
Mason7248 Paiz
D & K nation
2019 ?? 😂
Javierkilla 250
I watched This when it first came out dang can’t believe it’s been six years
Albe Ml
1:47 theirs alot of metiches
Mario Hernandez
U like chihuahuas 😛 LOL
Kul Kid Awene
Tristan Jacobson
Who here in 2019?
Ajizzle Prodeje
Chingo verse was dope
XXXcesar XXX
When Donald ass whach this he like tf
Kevin Alvarado
Sharita Talley
Ddrcxd dedd
C9G 05
New 2019 hit
Crxsh Only
Who here in 2019 lol sub to me
Gacha Chan
2019 anyone
Dr. Lokii
I like Ur "el chavo del ocho" cosplay
TheZombiekiller3000 TZ114599
who here 2019
Leonard M
Now we're here.....Puto..........I fell out of my chair.
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LiL MoCo - "POLICIA CAN'T HOLD LiL MoCo - STARTED FROM THE BORDER 2 months ago   06:11

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A parody of "Can't HOld Us" By MAcklemore & Ryan Lewis!

Last Parody:

Bloopers & Outtakes:

Qbanguy (GrassHopper) - &

Chingo Bling (Officer Ramon) - &

Mrchocolateslol (Officer Jerry Curl) - &

Johnny Boy (The Homie Bubbles) - &

DerekDeso (Gogglez) - &

Blonde Chola -

Special Thanks to:

Roberto Camacho
The Mariachi Group
Randal ( Good Times Car Club )
Dan ( High Hitter Customs )

Stay tuned homies!


Return of the Moco,
Puto what it is, que uvole, que paso, ok fuck it
Looking for a legal way to get up out the barrio
Instead of slanging on the neighborhood and checking all these levas
Yeah right! My barrio, og walking, little bit of hoodrats, little bit of homies
Somewhere between Chingo and Capone-E. Cheated in school, yep yep i copied
All Bad, crip walking, summer nights, we party, i serve these hyenas like BK
And ju can have it jer way
Cholo music, I tat my skin and put everybodys name i ever met on it
The list goes on.
It's sabado and its always going down, got that Don fransisco game ill be around for a while.
FIRME, Stay at my moms people say im a clown,
But i stay posted on my porch just to hold this shit down
Wash me. On my free FOODSTAMPS shit hustler,
Holding guns since I was 14 in the ford taurus bussing
hynas in my city with the nice rack, fat cat, luh yu

Racist gringos here,
But they can't tell us nothing
Cuz we burning our skin ,
just to make our money
Levas out here,
And they always starting something
My shank is in my waist,
and im bumping these oldies


Better watch yo back, Im with all my homies
Drinking all night, 12 pack of corona
So we throw our hood up even tho u don't know us
And probation cant hold us

Were at a kickback, chilling with homies
My dickies look right, were looking for skonkas
So we put our socks up and we got our black locs on
Cuz we love us some lonjas

Ey, can I Hit it? Gracias. Yeah im so disrespectful.
I grew up, getin lost in love
that's what you get when Nb Ridaz raised you
Hyna just touch me, I get hot like my tio selling corn on my street
And I'm eating the panocha like its carne asada meat and I don't strap up i go in
Raw. Tell me you're pregnant. Gone!
Skonka goodbye. I gotta see homies, and my PO's at my home,
Don't judge me I like beiber. But I take his hyena selener.
That immigration comes trynna take back my people. Now sing a song and it goes like
Raise those hands, this is our party
We came here to live life like nobody was watching
I got my city right behind me
If I fall, they got me. Learn from that failure gain humility and then we keep marching ourselves

Gotta watch our back, this aint our moment
Cops flashing lights, this party is over
So we put our hands up cuz the policia told us
Vato i got hella warrants
Ill never go back, inmates are horny
food isn't right, and the nights are lonely
So i tie my chucks up cuz we bout to dip on them
The policia cant catch us

Put your hands up!
Las Vegas Police Department!
One more Time
Put your hands up!

Chingala Policia
Me la pelan weyyyyyy
Vamonos Homie!
Let's go!

Chinga Tu Madre Pinche Guey!
Tell 'em we don't want No Locked Doors!

Pe-la-me-La-Ver-ga OOohhh!

(chorus 1)

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