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Selected - Music on a new level.
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*A top tune that introduced us to Mike Mago back in 2013. On Friday we will upload a new mix and offer a limited amount of merch pieces that have been sold out for a while now. Stay tuned!*
Hafida Adnani
I love it 💟❤️💙😅
di mention
Give you all my Ham
Ozan A.
This is just fabulous. Can't get enough.
Luis Prado
Wow this and Mammoth were my first ever house songs I listened to.
Wayne Squires
Give you all a ham? 🤔
Sometimes I go by extended periods of not listening to Selected. JUST to come back and make playlists of ALL the bangers and play them all at once.
And I'm like - Why did I wait so long? I could have been enjoying -this-. But also, then I get a full set of new bangers to listen to all at once. :D
All these journeys.
Bruno Pereira do Nascimento
❤ I loved this song 🔊🎶
patrick sibiya
those who unliked this... are going to hell. extreme I know... but this is a banger
Ian Ceccarelli
Incredible track
Matthew Reilly
Original music video was almost as good as the tune
Eline VdBerg
Godd.. My basshead JVC gets me horny hahah
Had my first sesh to this tune been trying to find it for ages feel like I'm 18 again
Power Sharky
Crazy 🔥🔥🔥
Pretty old song, old but gold
Knut E.
James Rielly
Give you all my ham
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Europa (Jax Jones & Martin Mike Mago - The Show 1 day ago   02:49

All Day and Night with Madison Beer - the first track from Jax Jones & Martin Solveig's new project Europa - is out now!

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